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(Bal-e-Jibril-019) Sama Sakta Nahin Pehna'ay Fitrat Mein Mera Soda (سما سکتا نہیں پہناے فطرت میں میرا سودا) All Nature’s vastness cannot contain you, oh

In November, 1933, His Majesty the Leader of the Faithful the now‐martyred Nadir Shah Ghazi granted the author permission to visit the shrine of The sage Sana‘i of Ghazna. These verses were written in commemoration of the event, in imitation of a famous panegyric by the poet—
‘We are coming after Sina‘i and Attar.’

Sama Sakta Nahin Pehna’ay Fitrat Mein Mera Soda
Galat Tha Ae Junoon Shaid Tera Andaza’ay Sehra

English Translation by
All Nature’s vastness cannot contain you, oh
My madness: vain, those wanderings to and fro In deserts!

English Translation in Simple Words (By this website owner)
All Nature's Vastness cannot contain My Passion (It is more vast than Nature's Vastness)
Perhaps, My fondness had wrongly estimated the dessert's size

Khudi Se Iss Tilism-E-Rang-O-Boo Ko Torh Sakte Hain
Yehi Touheed Thi Jis Ko Na Tu Samjha Na Mein Samjha

 By self-hood only are the spells of sense broken,
That power we did not know.

With the Power of Self, the magic of color and smell can be broken
That was the Real Faith which neither you understood nor I

رنگ و بو سے مراد دنیاوی چمک دمک ، طور طریقے، اخلاقی غلامی  ہیں

Nigah Payda Kar Ae Ghafil Tajali Aen-E-Fitrat Hai
Ke Apni Mouj Se Begana Reh Sakta Nahin Darya

Rub your eyes, sluggard! Light is Nature’s law,
And not unknown to Ocean its waves flow.

Discover your vision O sluggish Man, Manifestation is exactly according to Nature
Because ocean cannot stay without its wave.  

Raqabat Ilm-O-Irfan Mein Galat Beeni Hai Manbar Ki
Ke Woh Hallaj Ki Sooli Ko Samjha Hai Raqeeb Apna

Where reason and revelation war, faith errs
To think the Mystic on his cross its foe,

Rostrum (Ulemas) has wrongly perceived the rivalry of Knowledge and Wisdom (In actual, there is no rivalry)
Because he thinks the Revelation (Mystic Hallaj on his cross) as his foe

Khuda Ke Pak Bandon Ko Hukoomat Mein, Ghulami Mein
Zirah Koi Agar Mehfooz Rakhti Hai To Istagna

For God’s pure souls, in thralldom or on thrones,
Have one safe shield, his scorn of this world’s show.

For God's pure Men, whether in Power or in slavery
 Only safe shield is Independence

Na Kar Taqleed Ae Jibraeel Mere Jazb-O-Masti Ki
Tan Asan Arshiyon Ko Zikr-O-Tasbeeh-O-Taawaf Aola !

But do not, Gabriel, envy my rapture:
Better for Heaven’s dounce folk the prayer and the beads’ neat row!

O Gabrial do not follow my absorption and enthusiasm
 For trouble free sky creatures, its better to do prayers, count beads and go round !


  1. jis tarah blog owner nay is poem me explanation ki hai is trah har nazam me honi chahye it is very goood

  2. Jibreel ka makam insan se kam hai. warna wo ashraful makhlokat hota. jibreel ko qurb e ilahi naseeb kahan. yeh to sirf insan k sharaf ki baat hai. layken kash insan isko pehchanayy to wo jabreel se afzal. warna wohi insan sheetan bhi hota hai jo apnay makam ko nhi pehchanta.

  3. The more I study Dr Iqbal's poetry, the closer I come to my soul and to God..

  4. Istaghnaa ka tarjuma Independance kiya hai meray khayal maen sakhaawat hai