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(Bal-e-Jibril-038) Ye Dair-e-Kuhan Hai, Anbar-e-Khas-o-Khashaak

Ye Dair-E-Kuhan Kya Hai, Anbaar-E-Khas-O-Khashaak
Mushkil Hai Guzar Iss Mein Be-Nala’ay Atishnaak

The ancient fane in which we live has heaps of thorns at every turn;
Too hard to cross it safe and sound without the aid of sighs that burn.

Nakhcheer-E-Mohabbat Ka Qissa Nahin Toolani
Lutf-E-Khalish-E-Paikan, Asoodgi-E-Fatraak

The tale of quarry shot by Love is simple, brief and not too long:
The victim feels the joy of prick and then the rest of saddle thong.

Khoya Kya Jo 'Matlab Haftad Wa Do'-O-Millat Mein
Samjhe Ga Na Tu Jab Taak Be Rang Na Ho Adraak

Haftad Wa Do Millat = Islam Ke 72 Firqe 

The sterling truth to Muslim taught, In feuds of different sects is lost;
How can you catch this truth again, with bias if your mind be fraught?

Ek Sharaa-E-Musalmani, Ek Jazb-E-Musalmani
Hai Jazb-E-Musalani Sirr-E-Falak-Ul-Aflaak

One is the outward form of faith, the other its spirit deep and true:
He, who quaffs its spirits deep, brings secrets hidden to his view.

Ae Rahro-E-Farzana! Be Jazb-E-Musalmani
Ne Rah-E-Amal Paida Ne Shakh-E-Yaqeen Namnaak

O pilgrim wise, If passion strong for faith you lack,
The bough of faith shall whither fast, Obscure and dim become the path.

Ramzain Hain Mohabat Ki Gustakhi-O-Bebaki
Har Shauq Nahin Gustakh, Har Jazb Nahin Bebaak

Courage and valour are the signs by which the state of Love is known:
Not every zeal is pert and rude, Nor daring by ev’ry person shown.

Farig To Na Baithe Ga Mehshar Mein Junoon Mera
Ya Apna Grebaan Chaak Ya Daman-E-Yazdaan Chaak!

On the Day of Judgement too my frenzy will not let me rest:
With Mighty God I shall contend or rend to fragments my own vest.


  1. Admin please explain in simple word

    Farig To Na Baithe Ga Mehshar Mein Junoon Mera
    Ya Apna Grebaan Chaak Ya Daman-E-Yazdaan Chaak!


  2. Usman wo kahta ha k Roz E mahsher yani qyamat k din main mera dewana pan sakoon se na bathy ga ya to naozbilla
    Allah ka Girebaan chak kare ga ya main khud apna girebaan chaak (pharna) kar lo ga... janoon ki kafiat byaan ki gyi ha....