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(Bal-e-Jibril-044) Kirad Ke Paas Khabar Ke Siwa Kuch Aur Nahin

Khird Ke Paas Khabar Ke Siwa Kuch Aur Nahin
Tera Ilaj Nazar Ke Siwa Kuch Aur Nahin

The mind can give you naught, but what with doubt is fraught:
One look of Saintly Guide can needful cure provide.

Har Ek Maqam Se Agay Maqam Hai Tera
Hayat Zauq-e-Safar Ke Siwa Kuch Aur Nahin

The goal that you presume is far and out of view:
What else can be this life but zeal for endless strife?

Giran Baha Hai To Hifz-e-Khudi Se Hai Warna
Guhar Mein Aab-e-Guhar Ke Siwa Kuch Aur Nahin

Much worth the pearl begets, for guard on self it sets:
What else in pearl is found except its sheen profound?

Ragon Mein Gardish-e-Khoon Hai Agar To Kya Hasil
Hayat Souz-e-Jigar Ke Siwa Kuch Aur Nahin

Though blood in veins may race, To Life it lends no grace:
Only the glow of heart to Life can zeal impart.

Uroos-e-Lala! Munasib Nahin Hai Mujh Se Hijab
Ke Main Naseem-e-Sehar Ke Siwa Kuch Aur Nahin

Wherefore, O Tulip Bride, From me your charms you hide?
I am the breath of morn, Your face I would adorn.

Jise Kisaad Samjhte Hain Tajiran-e-Farang
Woh Shay Mata-e-Hunar Ke Siwa Kuch Aur Nahin

What Frankish dealers take for counterfeit and fake,
Is true and real art—Not valued in their Mart.

Bara Kareem Hai Iqbal Be-Nawa Lekin
Atta-e-Shola Sharar Ke Siwa Kuch Aur Nahin

Though indigent I be, I am of hand yet free:
What can the Flame bestow except its spark and glow?


  1. My favorite ghazal

  2. Everytime i read Allama sahab's poetry,it gives me a new meaning, its what called a complete master piece

  3. Ustad bade fateh ali khan sahib ki gayi hoi ye ghazal 80s me boht maqbool thi iska link koi dhond de