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(Bal-e-Jibril-068) Na Takht-o-Taj Mein Ne Lashkar-o-Sipah Mein Hai

Na Takht-o-Taaj Mein Ne Lashkar-o-Sipah Mein Hai
Jo Baat Mard-e-Qalandar Ki Bargah Mein Hai

A monarch’s pomp and mighty arms can never give such glee,
As can be felt in presence of a Qalandar bold and free.

Sanam Kadah Hai Jahan Aur Mard-e-Haq Hai Khalil
Ye Nukta Woh Hai Ke Poshida LA ILAHA Mein Hai

The world is like an idol house, God’s Friend, a person free:
No doubt, this subtle point is hid In words, No god but He.

Woh Jahan Hai Tera Jis Ko Tu Kare Paida
Ye Sang-o-Khisht Nahin, Jo Teri Nigah Mein Hai

The world that you with effort make to you belongs alone:
The world of brick and stone you see, You cannot call your own.

Mah-o-Sitara Se Agay Maqam Hai Jis Ka
Woh Musht-e-Khak Abhi  Awargan-e-Rah Mein Hai

The clay‐made man is still among the vagrants on the road,
Though man beyond the moon and stars can find his true abode.

Khabar Mili Hai Khudayan-e-Behar-o-Bar Se Mujhe
Farang Reh-Guzar-e-Seel-e-Be Panah Mein Hai

This news I have received from those who rule the sea and land,
That Europe lies on course of flood ’Gainst which no one can stand.

Talash Uss Ki Fazaon Mein Kar Naseeb Apna
Jahan-e-Taza Meri Aah-e-Subahgah Mein Hai

A world there is quite fresh and new in sighs at morn I have:
Your portion seek within its tracts, Thus goal and aim achieve.

Mere Kidu Ko Ghanimat Samajh Ke Bada-e-Naab
Na Madrase Mein Hai, Baqi Na Khanqah Mein Hai

Count my gourd an immense gain, for pure and sparkling wine
No more the seats of learning store nor sells the Sacred Shrine.


  1. Daag-e-sujood agar teri peshani pe huwa to kya, Koi aisa sajda bhi kar, k zameen pey nishaan rahe Sir please verify this it is written by iqbal or not and please give the reference to the poem and send to my email thankyou

  2. Yes by was about the sajda done by imam Hussain... In Karbala where his head was cut in sajda

  3. This definitely is not an Iqbals sher...

  4. Verily sounds like Iqbal's shair. I agree.