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(Bal-e-Jibril-070) Karain Ge Ahl-e-Nazar Taza Bastiyan Abad

Karain Ge Ahl-e-Nazar Taza Bastiyan Abad
Meri Nigah Nahin Soo’ay Kufa-o-Baghdad

By men whose eyes see far and wide new cities shall be founded:
Not by old Kufa or Baghdad is my thought’s vision bounded.

Ye Madrasa, Ye Jawan, Ye Suroor-o-Rinayi
Inhi Ke Dam Se Hai Maikhana-e-Farang Abad

Rash youth, new‐fangled learning, giddy pleasure, gaudy plume,—
With these, while these still swarm, the Frankish wine‐shop is surrounded.

Na Falsafi Se, Na Mullah Se Hai Gharz Mujh Ko
Ye Dil Ki Mout, Woh Andaisha-o-Nazar Ka Fasad

Not with philosopher, nor with priest, my business; one lays waste
The heart, and one sows discord to keep mind and soul confounded;

Faqeeh-e-Shehar Ki Tehqeer! Kya Majal Meri
Magar Ye Baat Ke Main Dhoondta Hun Dil Ki Kushad

And for the Pharisee—far from this poor worm be disrespect!
But how to enfranchise Man, is all the problem I have sounded.

Khareed Sakte Hain Dunya Mein Ishrat-e-Parwaiz
Khuda Ki Dayn Hai Sarmaya-e-Gham-e-Farhad

The fleshpots of the wealthy are for sale about the world;
Who bears love’s toils and pangs earns wealth that God’s hand has compounded.

Kiye Hain Faash Rumooz-e-Qalandari Main Ne
Ke Fikar-e-Madrasa-o-Khanqah Ho Azad

I have laid bare such mysteries as the hermit learns, that thought,
In cloister or in college, in true freedom may be grounded.

Rishi Ke Faqon Se Toota Na Barhaman Ka Tilism
Assa Na Ho To Kaleemi Hai Kaar-e-Bebunyad

No fastings of Mahatmas will destroy the Brahmins’ sway;
Vainly, when Moses holds no rod, have all his words resounded!

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