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(Bal-e-Jibril-082) Qataa (Andaz-e-Bayan Garcha Bohat Shokh Nahin Hai)

Andaz-e-Byan Gharche Bohat Shaukh Nahin Hai
Shaid Ke Utar Jaye Tere Dil Mein Meri Baat

Though I have little of rhetorician’s art,
Maybe these words will sink into your heart:

Ya Wusaat-e-Aflak Mein Takbeer-e-Musalsal
Ya Khak Ke Aghosh Mein Tasbeeh-o-Munajat

A quenchless crying on God through the boundless sky—
A dusty rosary, earth‐bound litany—

Woh Mazhab-e-Mardan-e-Khud Agah-o-Khuda Mast
Ye Mazhab-e-Mullah-o-Jamadat-o-Nabataat

So worship men self‐knowing, drunk with God;
So worship priest, dead stone, and mindless clod.


  1. Third set of lines reffers to the description in second line.

    Iqbal says that first line of second set is indicative of the worship of Self Knowing and drunk in the name of Allah, while as second line of the second set is indicative of worship of Mullah, dead stones and mindless material things.

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