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(Bal-e-Jibril-100) Tera Johar Hai Noori, Pak Hai Tu

Tera Jauhar Hai Noori, Pak Hai Tu
Farogh-e-Dida-e-Aflak Hai Tu

Pure in nature thou art, thy nature is light;
Thou art the star in the firmament;

Tere Said-e-Zaboon Afarishta-o-Hoor
Ke Shaheen-e-Shah-e-Loulak (S.A.W.) Hai Tu!

Thou not an eagle of the King of Men,
Thy preys are the nymphs and the angels bright.


  1. Ke Shaheen-e SHAH-E-LOLAK hay tu

    Thou not an eagle of the King of Men (Does it need correction??)

  2. Should be thou art, not "thou not...

  3. Ever Best Forever !
    By Hamza Ikhlaq

  4. What is the meaning of Lolak..plz telll me

    1. I think Lolak is a compound word addressing Muhammad PBUH and meaning that If it were not for you ( Muhammad ) I ( God Almighty ) would not have created the Earth.

    2. LOLAK, a compound word addresses Muhammad PBUH to be the sole reason why Almighty created this world.

    3. Muhammad addressed in LOLAK, meaning If it were not for your sake, I (Almighty) wud not have created Earth planet.

  5. previously on here:tere johar ...translation was "Heavenly eyes want to see your progress"
    Farogh e deeda...."Angels and beautiful maidens are for you".
    So how come its changed quite a bit and this is not the only change.