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(Bal-e-Jibril-105) Jawanon Ko Meri Aah-e-Sehar De

Jawanon Ko Meri Aah-e-Sehar De
Phir In Shaheen Bachon Ko Baal-o-Par De

Give to the youth my sighs of dawn;
Give wings to these eaglets again,

Khudaya! Arzoo Meri Yehi Hai
Mera Noor-e-Baseerat Aam Kar De

This, dear Lord, is my only wish—
That my insights should be shared by all!


  1. beautiful

  2. Mashallah.we are lucky to have the thinker like this..allhumdolilah..

  3. syed hamid ali shah21 August 2013 at 03:20

    Allama IQBAL (r.t
    se Mohbbat Krne Walo
    "IQBAL" ko Apni Dau'on Men Bhi Yad Rakho
    Unhe Apki Taarifen nhi Dua'en Kaam Aengi.

  4. Ameen. May Allah SWT grant the Muslims the noor-e-baseerat of Allama Muhammad Iqbal (R.A), ameen bi hurmati Taha wa Yaseen (SAAW).

  5. Pearls of wisdom from Bal-e-Jibril, carefully crafted into a beautiful necklace,by the master craftsman Allama Iqbal.

  6. Helping a lot for my speech on 9th of november...Thanks a lot👍👍