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(Bal-e-Jibril-108) Wohi Asal-e-Makan-o-La-Makan Hai

Wohi Asal-e-Makan-o-La Makan Hai
Makan Kya She Hai, Andaz-e-Byan Hai

He is the essence of the Space as well as the Placeless Realm—
And Space is nothing but a figure of speech:

Khizar Kyunkar Bataye, Kya Bataye
Agar Mahi Kahe Darya Kahan Hai

How could Khizer tell, and what,
If the fish were to ask, “Where is the water?”

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  1. Superb depth of Iqbal's philosophy! As Marshall Mcluhan wrote: "We're not sure who discovered water, but we're pretty sure it wasn't the fish."