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(Bal-e-Jibril-114) Khudai Ehtemam-e-Khushk-o-Tar Hai

Khudai Ehtamam-e-Khushk-o-Tar Hai
Khudawand! Khudai Dard-e-Sar Hai

To be God is to have charge of land and sea;
Being God is nothing but a headache!

Walekin Bandagi, Astagfirullah!
Ye Dard-e-Sar Nahin, Dard-e-Jigar Hai

But being a servant of God? God forbid!
That is no headache—it is a heartache!


  1. Let us address the second part and see how it draws parallels with the first one - If "bandagi" means obedience of the God, then seek refuge and forgiveness from God, thereby implying obedience for the "created" which has been given free will is utterly a contradiction. The more one thinks about this conflicting view it intensifies and defies the edict, as a result Iqbal concludes bandagi is no headache rather its intensely agonising for the created.

    God's dues are equally agonising He needs to take care of everything, everywhere at all times in its Omni-Present multiverse. What a headache of tasks opted by the Creator?

    The charters of the created and the Creator commonly understood by humanity are equally agonising and mistakenly misunderstood.

    Now lets get other perspectives on Iqbal's deeply intrigued philosophical thought.....

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    1. I wonder if Iqbal is asking us to be intellectually humble. We have this state in which we have so many questions but not enough answers to satisfy all the questions we may have. After all we are limited in our capacities.
      We may compose logical arguments for or against the positions we hold but we may find that, tomorrow such arguments are refuted on the basis of a paradigm shift.