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(Bal-e-Jibril-135) Gadai


Maikude Mein Aik Din Ek Rind-e-Zeerak Ne Kaha
Hai Humare Shehar Ka Wali Gadaye Be-Haya

A witty man in a tavern spoke with a tongue untamed:
“The ruler of our state is a beggar unashamed;

Taj Pehnaya Hai Kis Ki Be-Klahi Ne Isse
Kis Ki Uryani Ne Bakhshi Hai Isse Zareen Qaba

How many go bare‐headed to deck him with a crown?
How many go naked to supply his golden gown?

Uss Ke Aab-e-Lalagoon Ki Khoon-e-Dehqan Se Kasheed
Tere Mere Khait Ki Mitti Hai Iss Ki Keemiya

The blood of the poor turns into his red wine;
And they starve so that he may in luxury dine.

Iss Ke Naimat Khane Ki Har Cheez Hai Mangi Huwi
Dene Wala Kon Hai, Mard-e-Ghareeb-o-Be-Nawa

The epicure’s table is loaded with delights,
Stolen from the needy, stripped of all their rights.

Mangne Wala Gada Hai, Sada Mange Ya Kharaaj
Koi Mane Ya Na Mane, Meer-o-Sultan Sub Gada!

He is a beggar who begs money, be it large or small,
Kings with royal pomp and pride, in fact, are beggars all.”

                                     (Makhooz Az Anwari)
                                    -Adapted from Anwari-

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  1. No doubt it a very great poem. it applies to all the rulers big and small. even if they are chieftains of their tribe or the democratically elected people. Hazrat Allama, our poet of the east, has translated it into Urdu. Actual creator of this poem is great Persian poet Anwari. Nazik Jatoi Daily Jang Karachi