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(Bal-e-Jibril-147) Jibreel-o-Iblees



Humdam Dairina! Kaisa Hai Jahan-e-Rang-o-Boo?

Old friend, how goes the world of colour and smell?



Burning and suffering, scars and pain, seeking and longing!


Har Ghari Aflak Par Rehti Hai Teri Guftugu
Kya Nahin Mumkin Ke Tera Chaak-e-Daman Ho Rafoo

They are all talking about you in the celestial spheres.
Could your ripped garment still be mended?


Aah Ae Jibreel! Tu Waqif Nahin Iss Raaz Se
Kar Gya Sarmast Mujh Ko Toot Kar Mera Saboo

Ah, Gabriel, you do not know this secret:
When my wine-jug broke it turned my head.

Ab Yahan Meri Guzar Mumkin Nahin, Mumkin Nahin
Kis Qadar Khamosh Hai Ye Alam-e-Be-Kaakh-o-Koo!

I can never walk this place again!
How quiet this region is! There are no houses, no streets!

Jis Ki Naumeedi Se Ho Souz-e-Daroon-e-Kainat
Uss Ke Haq Mein ‘Taqnatu’ Acha Hai Ya ‘La-Taqnatu’ ?

One whose despair (hopelessness) warms the heart of the universe
What suits him best, ‘Give up hope’ or Don’t give up hope!


Kho Diye Inkaar Se Tu Ne Maqamat-e-Buland
Chashm-e-Yazdaan Mein Farishton Ki Rahi Kya Abroo!

You gave up exalted positions when you said “No.”
The angels lost face with God—what a disgrace that was!


Hai Meri Jurraat Se Musht-e-Khak Mein Zauq-e-Namoo
Mere Fitne Jama-e-Aqal-o-Khirad Ka Taar-o-Poo

With my boldness I make this handful of dust rise up.
My mischief weaves the garment that reason wears.”

Dekhta Hai Tu Faqat Sahil Se Razm-e-Khair-o-Shar
Kon Toofan Ke Tamanche Kha Raha Hai, Main Ke Tu?

From the shore you watch the clash of good and evil.
Which of us suffers the buffets of the storms—you or I?

Khizar Bhi Bedast-o-Pa, Ilyas Bhi Bedast-o-Pa
Mere Toofan Tam-Ba-Yam, Darya-Ba-Darya, Joo-Ba-Joo

Both Khizr and Ilyas feel helpless:
The storms I have stirred up rage in oceans, rivers, and streams.

Gar Khalwat Mayassir Ho To Puch Allah Se
Qissa-e-Adam Ko Rangeen Kar Gya Kis Ka Lahoo!

If you are ever alone with God, ask Him:
Whose blood coloured the story of Adam?

Main Khatakta Hun Dil-e-Yazdan Mein Kante Ki Tarah
Tu Faqat Allah Hoo, Allah Hoo, Allah Hoo !

I rankle in God’s heart like a thorn. But what about you?
All you do is chant ‘He is God’ over and over!


  1. Surely ‘saaz’ (Iblis saying ‘soz–o–saaz’) means ‘singing’ or ‘tunes’, in the sense of ‘creativity’?

  2. only Iqbal could dare to write such poem. i am surorised no Molvi did not rewarded him with fatwa of kufr?

  3. Can anyone explain what is the meaning of this line:
    میں کھٹکتا ہوں دل یزداں میں کانٹے کی طرح

    1. dil-e-yazdan means dunya aagy mtlb khud samaj aa jataa hai

    2. yazdan in Persian mean "god of Good" in ancient Persian theology there were two gods "Yazdan" for good and "eharman" the god of evil

      so Dil-e-Yazdan means the good god meaning simply the God.

      in my opinion the Satan (and satanic system, as some modern systems claims that church got nothing to do in affairs of state) is proud that he isn't obedient to anyone in fact he is proud that he is of that high level that he is in war with the true lord.

    3. yazdan means God

  4. yazdaan say murad ALLAH KAREEM ki zaat e pak hy
    kehnay ka matlab ye hay ke min Allah Kareem k dil min kantay ki tarh khatkta hun yani uss ki nazar muj pe rehti hy
    min uss ki tawaju ka markz hun
    aur tu faqat Allah ho Allah ho

    1. bilkul sahi mtlb hai

    2. wah umar draz...bahot achcha matlab bataya.

    3. Wonderful explanation

  5. very Nice bhut piyari shairi hy

  6. syed mohammad jalaluddin qadri, gulbara, karnataka, india such poetries help in the transformtion of the brute animal in man into a magnificient human personality

  7. fantastic... my alwas fevert...

  8. main khatakta hun dil-e-yazdaan mein kaante ki tarah..
    tu faqat Allah hu Allah hu....
    sari khubsurti in lines me posheedah hai.....

  9. his poetry is superb.i love his poetry

  10. great supperb mind blowing

  11. Mukarram Alam21 April 2013 11:01

    Mukarram Alam: From my point of view the translation of above couplets should be as follows:

    - O’ Old Friend; how is the world, its smell and colors?

    - Burning-o-Suffering-o-Scars-o-Pain-o-Quest-o-Desire!

    - For all the time; you exchange dialogue about extraterrestrial;
    isn’t possible; that your ragged-apron be rigged-up!

    - O’ Gabriel; you’re not aware of this secrete;
    had made me wild-out; my broken flask of wine!

    - Now, herein; my ingress is not possible, not possible;
    how quiet this world is - without dwelling!

    - Whose hopelessness bewailed the heart of Universe;
    what suits him – Give-up hope is best or doesn’t give-up hope!

    - You’ve lost glorious position by just saying “No”;
    what was angles’ position been before God’s eyes!

    - Due to my disobedience, this handful dust risen-up;
    my confrontational costume of talent-o-wisdom stitched-with!

    - You just watch only from the shoreline; the clash of good and evil;
    who’s having spanks of storm – me or you!

    - Khizar is helpless too, Ilyas is helpless too;
    the storms, I’ve faced – oceans to oceans, rivers to rivers, winds to winds!

    - If you ever have a chance to be alone with God, ask Him;
    whose blood would’ve been given colors - the story of Adam?

    - I rankle in God’s heart like a thorn;
    you just chant – God is great, God is great, God is great!

    Please Comments:

    1. Amazing translation. Very pleased

    2. Amazing translation. Very pleased

    3. That was pretty painful to read, until "spanks of storm" made me laugh out loud.

    4. Masha Allah. .Allah aap ko din doni rat chugni tarqi dey. .ameen sum ameen

  12. A great logic in the poetry of Allama Iqbal. a realy very very talented person in the world, but his kith and kinare ravish, debauchers etc. I pay my great tribute to Allama Muhammad Iqbal, ra.

  13. LOL, pure humor and height of imagination. Translation is just perfect.

  14. poety can not be translated. even if some one tries to translate, it does not mean that the complete depth of the stanza or peom are measured. main khatakta hun dile yazdan main kantay ki tarah ... if u will read this line again and again a new world of energy, depth and meaning will be tasted by u. what a lovely way allama adopted to address iblis by gabriel...hamdarde daireena..(mean OLD FRIEND) it means that gabriel have love and affection for gabriel.. gabriel did not address him as o satan...or evil...hamdarde daireena also deptict the passion of gabriel about satan,,,