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(Bal-e-Jibril-166) Siasat


Iss Khail Mein Taeyayeen-e-Maratib Hai Zaroori
Shatir Ki Anayat Se Tu Farzeen, Mein Piyada

Ranks must be determined for this game;
Let you be the firzine and I the pawn by the grace of the chess‐player.

Bechara Piyada To Hai Ek Mohra-e-Na-Cheez
Farzeen Se Bhi Poshida Hai Shatir Ka Irada!

The pawn, indeed, is an insignificant token,
Even the farzine is not privy to the chess-player’s strategy.


  1. one can only expect these pearls from dr sahab. may god bless his soul amin.

  2. Really great words, is he man or angel?

  3. Whole theme is :
    The real player of this Democracy is neither you nor me,....
    If u r made queen in thos ground and me the pawn, and we think that this all is for us but the reality is some thing else that only the player that sattled this democracy ground knows.

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