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(Bal-e-Jibril-173) Parwaz


Kaha Darkht Ne Ek Roz Murgh-e-Sehra
Sitam Pe Gham Kada-e-Rang-o-Bu Ki Hai Bunyad

The tree said to a bird of the desert one day:
“Creation is founded on the principle of injustice;

Khuda Mujhe Bhi Agar Baal-o-Par Atta Karta
Shugufta Aur Bhi Hota Ye Alam-e-Aejad

For the Creation could have been so much more pleasant
If I had also been granted the gift of flight.”

Diya Jawab Use Khoob Murgh-e-Sehra Ne
Ghazab Hai, Dad Ko Samjha Huwa Hai Tu Bedad!

The bird gave him a good reply:
“Woe! You regard justice to be injustice;

Jahan Mein Lazzat-e-Parwaz Haq Nahin Uss Ka
Wujood Jis Ka Nahin Jazb-e-Khak Se Azad

He is not entitled to fly in this world,
Whoever is not free from earth‐rootedness.”

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