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(Bal-e-Jibril-176) Shaheen

The Eagle

Kiya Mein Ne Uss Khakdan Se Kinara
Jahan Rizq Kanaam Hai Aab-o-Dana

I have turned away from that place on earth
Where sustenance takes the form of grain and water.

Bayaban Ki Khalwat Khush Ati Hai Mujh Ko
Azal Se Hai Fitrat Meri Rahbana

The solitude of the wilderness pleases me—
By nature I was always a hermit—

Na Bad-e-Bahari, Na Gulcheen, Na Bulbul
Na Beemari-e-Naghma-e-Ashiqana

No spring breeze, no one plucking roses, no nightingale,
And no sickness of the songs of love!

Khayabanion Se Hai Parhaiz Lazim
Adaen Hain In Ki Bohat Dilbarana

One must shun the garden‐dwellers—
They have such seductive charms!

Hawa-e-Bayaban Se Hoti Hai Kari
Jawan Mard Ki Zarbat-e-Ghaziyana

The wind of the desert is what gives
The stroke of the brave youth fighting in battle its effect.

Hamam-o-Kabootar Ka Bhooka Nahin Main
Ke Hai Zindagi Baaz Ki Zahidana

I am not hungry for pigeon or dove—
For renunciation is the mark of an eagle’s life.

Jhapatna, Palatna, Palat Kar Jhapatna
Lahoo Garam Rakhne Ka Hai Ek Bahana

To swoop, withdraw and swoop again
Is only a pretext to keep up the heat of the blood.

Ye Poorab, Ye Pacham Chakoron Ki Dunya
Mera Neelgun Asman Baikarana

East and West ‐these belong to the world of the pheasant,
The blue sky—vast, boundless—is mine!

Prindon Ki Dunya Ka Dervaish Hun Mein
Ke Shaheen Banata Nahin Ashiyana

I am the dervish of the kingdom of birds—
The eagle does not make nests


  1. Excellent Poetry...
    Thanks for sharing with translation.

  2. Sher A Zulfiqar17 March 2012 at 12:34

    May Allah Shower his blessing on him & allow us to understand what he left for us.
    Luv u Iqbal Lahori ... you are my spiritual mentor.

  3. Jee o Jatta jee khush kr dita he!!!

  4. inspirational .....................

  5. ExCeLlEnT PoEtRy

  6. Shaheen/baaz is not an eagle but a hawk. Big diff. Thanks for sharing though.

  7. mind blowing...........

  8. MAC Marvellous poetry

  9. Nice poetry. Many thanks for translating, transliterating, uploading, and for maintaining this entire site.
    @Amandeep: Hawk is Uqaab. Shaheen is Eagle.

  10. Beautiful and lofty!

  11. amazing literally amazing

  12. nice...
    bt is mein shahein ki tu zada potery hi nai hy..?
    or mujy wohi chia thi..:P

  13. is poetry me sub kuch hi ek shahein ke nature ke bare mei bayan huwa hai.........this poetry is a great lesson for the shahein or hawks of today to freed themselves from oppressors and much more!!!

  14. Legend nd great star of the whole world, lv u Sir......

  15. Iqbal jaisay poets hazaroon saloon baad paida hua karty hain agar aaj ka muslim naujawan Iqbal ka Shaheen ban jaye to Ummat e Muslima dobara apna khoya hua Maqam Haasil kar lay gi

  16. Iqbal is such a mysterious poet you can Conquer the Whole World If you would be the Shaheen Of Iqbal.The Whole poetry of Iqbal(R.A) is based on Islamic Studies

  17. iqbal has legend and real hero of Muslims and give positive message for Muslims

  18. Profound and exalted...!! Proud i feel to share the same name 'Shaheen' Allamah' Iqbal is a gem in literature in all... His poetry fills me with zeal and fire to excel... May Allah bless me with the desire to fulfill the justification.. Ameen..!!

  19. sashah:-
    Alas we lost the eagle of Iqbal, while we were quarreling over " grain and water / pigeon or dove".

  20. inspirational poetry

  21. Bhai its a Falcon (google it )

  22. Poetry par excellance…Inspirational.

  23. the last verse is just beyond imagination.......great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. the last verse is just beyond imagination.......great!!1

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