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(Bang-e-Dra-101) Tarana-e-Milli

The Anthem Of The Islamic Community

Cheen-o-Arab Humara, Hindustan Humara
Muslim Hain Hum, Watan Hai Sara Jahan Humara

China and Arabia are ours; India is ours.
We are Muslims, the whole world is ours.

Touheed Ki Amanat Seenon Mein Hai Humare
Asan Nahin Nitana Naam-o-Nishan Humara

God’s unity is held in trust in our hearts.
It is not easy to erase our name and sign.

Dunya Ke Butkadon Mein Pehla Woh Ghar Khuda Ka
Hum Uss Ke Pasban Hain, Woh Pasban Humara

Among the idol temples of the world the first is that house of God;
We are its keepers; it is our keeper.

Taighon Ke Saye Mein Hum Pal Kar Jawan Huwe Hain
Khanjar Hilal Ka Hai Qoumi Nishan Humara

Brought up in the shadow of the sword, we reached maturity;
The scimitar of the crescent moon is the emblem of our community.

Maghrib Ki Wadiyon Mein Goonji Azan Humari
Thamta Na Tha Kisi Se Seel-e-Rawan Humara

In the valleys of the west our call to prayer resounded;
Our onward flow was never stemmed by anyone.

Batil Se Dabne Wale Ae Asman Nahin Hum
Sou Baar Kar Chuka Hai Tu Imtihan Humara

We, oh heaven, are not to be suppressed by falsehood!
A hundred times you have tested us.

Ae Gulistan-e-Aundlas ! Woh Din Hain Yaad Tujh Ko
Tha Teri Daliyon Par Jab Ashiyan Humara

Oh garden of Andalusia! Do you remember those days,
When our nest was in your branches?

Ae Mouj-e-Dajla! Tu Bhi Pehchanti Hai Hum Ko
Ab Tak Hai Tera Darya Afsana Khawan Humara

Oh waves of the Tigris! You also recognize us;
Your river still relates our story.

Ae Arz-e-Pak! Teri Hurmat Pe Kat Mare Hum
Hai Khoon Teri Ragon Mein Ab Tak Rawan Humara

Oh land of purity! We fell and died for your honour;
 Our blood still courses through your veins.

Salar-e-Karwan Hai Meer-e-Hijaz (S.A.W.) Apna
Iss Naam Se Hai Baqi Aram-e-Jaan Humara

The Lord of Hijaz is the leader of our community;
From this name comes the peace of our soul.

Iqbal Ka Tarana Bang-e-Dra Hai Goya
Hota Hai Jadah Pema Phir Karwan Humara

Iqbal’s song is like the bell of a caravan;
Once more our caravan measures the road.


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  3. Accepting this is accepting our identity. My father, born in 1935, kept on singing it all his life.

  4. The poetry of iqbal is imortant asset for Muslims...

    1. Noone can write like this poetry.
      Expt Allama iqbal.

  5. Best poet of the world. simply superb

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