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(Bang-e-Dra-111) Raam

Labraiz Hai Sharab-e-Haqiqat Se Jam-e-Hind
Sub Falsafi Hain Khita-e-Maghrib Ke Raam-e-Hind

Overflowing with the wine of Truth is the cup of India
All philosophers of the Western world have acknowledged India

Ye Hindiyon Ke Fikr-e-Falak Ras Ka Hai Asar
Riffat Mein Asman Se Bhi Uncha Hai Baam-e-Hind

It is the result of the elegant thinking of Indians
That higher than the sky is the position of India

Iss Dais Mein Huwe Hain Hazaron Malak Sarasht
Mashoor Jin Ke Dam Se Hai Dunya Mein Naam-e-Hind

This country has had many people of angelic disposition
On whose account world renowned is the name of India

Hai Raam Ke Wujood Pe Hindustan Ko Naaz
Ahl-e-Nazar Samajhte Hain Uss Ko Imam-e-Hind

India is proud of the existence of Rama
Spiritual people consider him prelate of India

Ejaz Uss Charagh-e-Hadayat Ka Hai Yehi
Roshan Tar Az Sehar Hai Zamane Mein Sham-e-Hind

This alone is the miracle of this light of righteousness
That brighter than world’s morning is the evening of India

Talwar Ka Dhani Tha, Shujaat Mein Fard Tha
Pakeezgi Mein, Josh-e-Mohabbat Mein Fard Tha

He was expert in sword craft, was unique in bravery
Was matchless in piety and in the enthusiasm of love