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(Bang-e-Dra-153) Pewasta Reh Shajar Se, Umeed-e-Bahar Rakh

Pewasta Re Shajar Se, Umeed-e-Bahar Rakh
Remain Attached To The Tree Keep Spring’s Expectation

Dali Gyi Jo Fasal-e-Khazan Mein Shajar Se Toot
Mumkin Nahin Hari Ho Sahab-e-Bahar Se

The branch of the tree which got separated in autumn
Is not possible to green up with the cloud of spring

Hai La-Zawal Ehd-e-Khazan Uss Ke Waste
Kuch Wasta Naahin Hai Usse Barg-o-Baar Se

The autumn season for this branch is everlasting
It has no connection with flourishing in the spring

Hai Tere Gulistan Mein Bhi Fasal-e-Khazan Ka Dour
Khali Hai Jaib-e-Gul Zr-e-Kamil Ayaar Se

Autumn season prevails in your rose garden also
The pocket of the rose is devoid of good cash

Jo Naghma Zan Thay Khalwat-e-Auraq Mein Tayoor
Rukhsat Huway Tere Shajar-e-Sayadar Se

The birds which were singing in the seclusion of leaves
Have departed from your shady tree’s leaves

Shakh-e-Bureeda Se Sabaq Andoz Ho Ke Tu
Na Ashna Hai Qaida’ay Rozgar Se

You should learn a lesson from the separated branch
As you are unacquainted with the customs of the world

Millat Ke Sath Rabta Ustawar Rakh
Pewasta Reh Shajar Se, Umeed-e-Bahar Rakh!

Keep very strong communication with the nation
Remain attached to the tree and have spring’s expectation!


  1. nice poetry........mum really very!!!

  2. very interesting

  3. its sooooooooooooo beautiful poetry.

  4. Islami Aqdar ki akkas shayari

  5. nice and beautiful

  6. nixe poetry,.,.,.

  7. Poeat like iqbal never can be. Born on earth adnan.R

  8. I want tashreeh too.

  9. Rise with Iqbal's Vision!

  10. Iqbal jaisa shair iss poori dunya mein nahi pada hua aaj tak

  11. tashreeh ? actually in English its quite self-explanatory. Iqbal at his best. Hitting the right notes at the right time for the nation. Visionary.

  12. Great vish muslims just seek the message in the poem

  13. I don't understand the last part. The entire poem seems depressing and cynical, and at the end, without any reasons mentioned in its favor, Iqbal tells to hope for spring. Wasn't the entire plot of the poem based on the fact that a broken branch does never see spring again?

    1. Poem started with a scenario/warning "Dali gayi jo...." - If the branch is separated .. Based on that it gives a message to remain attached. It makes perfect sense, a smooth flow and impeccable rhythm. If you want to utilise your time and see perfect non sense check this out [1] :)

  14. The message is to be optimistic all the time.

  15. Really nice poetry

  16. What a man he was

  17. Very nice poetry by Allama Muhammad Iqbal.