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(Bang-e-Dra-161) Khizar-e-Rah (خضر راہ) Khizr The Guide

This poem is posted in two parts
1. Khizar-e-Rah (This post)
2. Jawab-e-Khizar (Read Jawab-e-Khizar)

( Read Explanation here - نظم کی تشریح یہاں پڑھیں )



Stanza (1)

Sahil-E-Darya Pe Main Ek Raat Tha Mehv-E-Nazar
Gosha-E-Dil Mein Chupaye Ek Jahan-E-Iztaraab

By the river’s brink I stood one evening, lost in the scene,
Yet hiding a world of fretting thoughts in my heart’s cell.

Shab Sakoot Afza, Hawa Asoodah, Darya Naram Sair
Thi Nazar Heeran Ke Ye Darya Hai Ya Tasveer-E-Aab

Night deepened silence: calm the air, languid the current,
River or painted water the eye could scarcely tell.

Jaise Gehware Mein So Jata Hai Tifle-E-Sheer Khawaar
Mouj-E-Muztar Thi Kahin Gehraiyon Mein Mast-E-Khawab

As the sucking infant laid in the cradle falls asleep
The restless wave lay slumberously in its deep well,

Raat Ke Ufsoon Se Tair Ashiyanon Mein Aseer
Anjum-E-Kam Zou Giraftar-E-Tilism-E-Mahtab

The birds held captive by night’s gramarye (magic) in their nests,
And the faint‐gleaming stars fast bound by the bright moon’s spell.

Dekhta Kya Hun Ke Woh Paik-E-Jahan Peyma Khizar
Jis Ki Peeri Mein Hai Manind-E-Sahar Rang-E-Shabab

There that would‐measuring courier I had sight of—Khizr,
That ancient in whom youth’s colours fresh as the daybreak dwell.

Keh Raha Mujh Se, Ae Joya’ay Asrar-E-Azal !
Chashm-E-Dil Wa Ho To Hai Taqdeer-E-Alam Behijab

‘Seeker,’ said he, ‘of eternal secrets!
When the heart sees clear vision, the fates that rule earth wear no veil.’

Dil Mein Ye Sun Kar Bapa Hangama’ay Mehshar Huwa
Main Shaheed-E-Justujoo Tha, Yun Sukhan-E-Gastar Huwa

At these words in my soul doomed to long search awoke
A tumult as of Judgment Day; and thus I spoke.

Stanza (2)

Ae Teri Chashme-E-Jahan Been Par Woh Toofan Ashkar
Jin Ke Hangame Abhi Darya Mein Sote Hain Khamosh

‘To your world‐ranging eye is visible the storm
Whose fury yet lies in tranquil sleep under the sea:

Ilm-E-Musa (A.S.) Bhi Hai Tere Samne Hairat Farosh

That innocent life, that poor man’s boat, that wall of the orphan,
Taught Moses’ wisdom to stand before yours wonderingly!

Chorh Kar Abadiyan Rehta Hai Tu Sehra Naward
Zindagi Teri Hai Be Roz-O-Shab-O-Farda-O-Dosh

You shun abodes, for desert‐roaming, for ways that know
No day or night, from yesterdays and tomorrows free.

Zindagi Ka Raaz Kya Hai, Saltanat Kya Cheez Hai
Aur Ye Sarmaya-O-Mehnat Mein Hai Kaisa Kharosh

What is the riddle of life? What thing is the State
Or why must labour and capital so bloodily disagree?

Ho Rahah Hai Asia Ka Kharqa-E-Dairina Chaak
Naujawan Aqwam-E-Nau Doulat Ke Hain Peraya Posh

Asia’s time‐honoured cloak grows ragged and wears out,
From upstart lands her young men borrow their finery;

Garcha Iskandar Raha Mehroom-E-Aab-E-Zindagi
Fitrat-E-Iskandari Ab Tak Hai Garam-E-Nao’ay Nosh

Though Alexander could never find the elixir of life,
His robber spirit still revels here in drunken glee;

Baichta Hai Hashmi Namoos-E-Deen-E-Mustafa (S.A.W.)
Khak-O-Khoon Mein Mil Raha Hai Turkaman-E-Sakht Kosh

The lord of Makkah barters the honour of Makkah’s faith
That the stubborn Turk, late convert, guards through war’s agony.

Aag Hai, Aulad-E-Ibraheem (A.S.) Hai, Namrood Hai
Kya Kisi Ko Phir Kisi Ka Imtihaan Maqsood Hai !

Tyrants and flames once more on Abraham’s race have glared:
For whom this new ordeal, or by whose hand prepared?

( Read Complete Explanation here - نظم کی تشریح یہاں پڑھیں )

Read Part 2 of this Poem (Jawab-e-Khizar)


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    1. Iqbal is Taught as a subject in Bukhara and iran and some other states his philosophy is helpfull to discover inner self which is the core subject of todays scientific studies .....we muslim have a believ his poetry is quranic explanation in form of poetry .Iqbal poetry may not be popular to gain more numbers but quality readers do follow his poetry AND THIS blog.....

  2. There are probably about 60 odd million Pakistanis who were, over the past decades, educated in the Urdu language and read Iqbal's works as part of their curriculum. These students did not receive their education in the Colonial English that is the medium of choice for wealthier Pakistanis and urban schools India. Indian, because of Iqbal's political and religious views, as a general rule dislike Iqbal and would only subscribe in a minority (a few hundred perhaps at best).

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    So perhaps, as a guess, 1.5 to 1.8 million people read, understand and appreciate Iqbal’s poetry as it ought to be. Another 10 to 15 million read him regularly and are semi-literate in his ideas. The rest probably never got beyond what they were taught at school.

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    1. Can you teach me iqbal's poetry ??? I'm assuming that you want people to Read Iqbal... how are you playing your part to do that ?

    2. I am trying to play my part and have recorded some poems of Allama Ibal the Great with explanation ... you just follow and promote this link


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