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(Bang-e-Dra-191) Ye Aaya'ay Nau, Jail Se Nazil Huwi Mujh Par

Ye Aaya-e-Nau, Jail Se Nazil Huwi Mujh Par
Gita Mein Hai Quran To Quran Mein Geeta

This new ‘verse’ was revealed to me from the jail
That the Quran is in the Gita and the Gita is in the Quran

Kya Khoob Huwi Aashti-e-Sheikh-o-Barhman
Iss Jang Mein Akhir Na Ye Hara Na Woh Jeeta

How well friendship developed between Sheikh and Brahmin
In this battle after all neither this nor that was winning

Mandar Se To Bezar Tha Pehle Hi Se ‘Badri’
Masjid Se Nikalta Nahin, Ziddi Hai ‘Masita’

“Badri” was already disgusted with the temple
“Masita” does not step out of the mosque, he is stubborn.

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