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(Bang-e-Dra-199-Book Complete) Masjid To Bana Di Shab Bhar Mein Iman Ki Hararat Walon Ne

Masjid To Bana Di Shab Bhar Mein Iman Ki Hararat  Walon Ne
Mann Apna Purana Papi Hai, Barsoun Mein Namazi Ban Na Saka

Though the mosque was built overnight by the believers
Our heart being old sinner for years devout could not be

Kya Khoob Ameer-e-Faisal Ko Sannosi Ne Paigham Diya
Tu Naam-o-Nasb Ka Hijazi Hai Par Dil Ka Hijazi Ban Na Saka

What a beautiful message did Sanusi give to King Faisal
By descent you Hijazi are, but in heart Hijazi could no be

Tar Ankhain To Ho Jati Hain, Kya Lazzat Iss Rone Mein
Jab Khoon-e-Jigar Ki Amaizish Se Ashak Piyazi Ban Na Saka

Though eyes become wet there is no pleasure is in this weeping
If by mixture of affliction’s blood tears pink could not be

Iqbal Bara Updeshak Hai, Mann Baaton Mein Moh Leta Hai
Guftar Ka Ye Ghazi To Bana, Kirdar Ka Ghazi Ban Na Saka

Iqbal is a good advisor, fascinates the heart in moments
He did become hero in talk, but one in deeds he could not be.


  1. I love this poem of Iqbal.I knew the verse Masjid to bana di shab bhar mein,Iman ki hararat walon ne
    mann apna purana papi hai,barson se namazi ban na saka.I copied the remaining verses from here.
    I wish I knew the inner meaning.Now I feel the task before me is to read it until I can deduce the meaning.
    I think I heard from my sister that Iqbal was referring to the mosque built in Washington.If someone knows,please let me know.Thanks.

    1. It refers to masjid shab bhar in Lahore

    2. it was a mosque dont know where shab bhar means night . story begins as there was a ground which where a religious place was to be built.muslims wants to built mosque but hindus said that there should be a temple so they decided

      jo bhi pehle yahan apna holy place banae ga to ye jaga uski musalmaanaon ne din raat aik kardi aur bana dali masjid hindoon ko jana para jaga chor kar jab iqbal aya masjid mein to ye dekh kar heran hua k rash nahi hai to phir ye sher aya

      masjid to banadi shabh bhar mein iman ki hararat walon ne
      mann apna purana pappi hai barson ka namaazi ban na sakaa

    3. Masjid to Banadi Shabh Bhar Mein
      Which means they construct a Masjid in an overnight

      Imaan ki Hararat Waalon Ne
      These are people who have load of lmaan in their heart.

      Mann Apna Purana Paapi Hai Barson mein Namazi Ban Na Saka
      Our heart being old sinner for years devout could not be, which means yet we know that is must for every muslim to go for Salaat but nobody goes only few people go to Masjid everyday. He is showing the real face of muslims where they are lacking behind.

      Shab bhar means it is not a Masjid in Lahore.

    4. It means be practical not theoretical.Every thing has condition.Simply making building and walking in the school all the way can not give u the degree but u must go through the examination for passing it.

  2. @Chaman Sabeth

    Its a mosque in Lahore near Shah Alami, Anarkali.

    English translation will be added in few days to make it more understandable.

  3. Thank you Mr. Iqbal.

  4. Is it Possible to buy this book?I live in Canada.

  5. @Chaman Sabeth

    Allama Iqbal's Books are easily available on any famous bookstore.

    Online Versions are available at

    A lot of free 'Kuliyat-e-Iqbal' books can be found on Internet.

  6. hello salam can any one help me on writing the funny debate on guftar ka ghazi le gaya bazi i badly need it as i am takin part in compettition plz plz plz in urdu i need it some one plz help

  7. Can anybody tell me the name of mosque on which particular poetry said by Allama Iqbal.

    1. dear its cal Masjid e Shab Bhar please read this artical

    2. masjid e shab bhar

  8. maine suna tha k Alyasi Masjid [Abbotabad] bhi rat bhar main he banai gai thi

  9. Great work... May allah bless him

  10. mujhy to lgta hy k masjid e zarrar ko tashbee kiya gya hy is mein , wo bhi rat bhar mein bna k kh rhy thy k bs allah hi kafi hy.

  11. Kya Lafz " Ameer e Faisal" hay ya "Ameer e Faseel" hay. Urdu may tou "Faseel" lag raha hay upar text may. Please correct me if I am wrong?

    1. @sohaib it's faisal as the ی comes between the ف and ص.

  12. @sohaib it's faisal. There is a ی before the ص.