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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-005) LA ILAHA ILLALLAH (لا الہٰ الا اللہ) NO GOD BUT ALLAH 

La Ilaha Illallah

Khudi Ka Sirr-e-Nihan La Ilaha Illallah
Khudi Hai Taeg, Fasan La Ilaha Illallah

The secret of the self is hid, In words "No god but He alone."
 The self is just a dull-edged sword, "No god but He," the grinding stone.

Ye Dour Apne Baraheem Ki Talash Mein Hai
Sanam Kudah Hai Jahan, La Ilaha Illallah

An Abraham by the age is sought to break the idols of this Hall:
 The avowal of God's Oneness can make all these idols headlong fall.

Kiya Hai Tu Ne Mataa-e-Ghuroor Ka Soda
Faraib Sood-o-Zayan, La Ilaha Illallah

A bargain you have struck for goods of life, a step, that smacks conceit,
 All save the call "No god but He," is merely fraught with fraud and deceit.

Ye Maal-o-Doulat-e-Dunya, Ye Rishta-o-Pewand
Butan-e-Weham-o-Guman, La Ilaha Illallah

The worldly wealth and riches too, ties of blood and friends a dream
The idols wrought by doubts untrue, all save God's Oneness empty seem.

Khird Huwi Hai Zaman-o-Makan Ki Zunnari
Na Hai Zaman Na Makan, La Ilaha Illallah

The mind has worn the holy thread of Time and Space like pagans all
Though Time and Space both illusive "No god but He" is true withal.

Ye Naghma Fasl-e-Gul-o-Lala Ka Nahin Paband
Bahar Ho Ke Khazan, La Ilaha Illallah

These melodious songs are not confined to time when rose and tulip bloom
Whatever the season of year be "No god but He" must ring till doom.

Agarche But Hain Jamat Ki Astinon Mein
Mujhe Hai Hukm-e-Azan, La Ilaha Illallah

Many idols are still concealed in their sleeves by the Faithful Fold,
 I am ordained by Almighty Allah to raise the call and be much bold.



  2. beshak allah 1 hai

    1. plz naraz na hoye ga... lkn kindly ALLAH capital me likha kren ... ALLAH hamen nek amal ki taufique den ameen

  3. Kisi nay pucha kay jannat ki koi kimat hai
    To Mustafa (Peace Be Upon Him) nay kaha, La Ilaha Illallah.Haq La Ilaha Illallah, Haq La Ilaha Illallah.

  4. I am ordained by Mighty God to raise the call and be much bold.

    No God but Allah ..... But why in the transalation word God has been used? it shoud be " I am ordained by Almighty ALLAH to raise the call and be much bold. ..... If i am not wrong.

    1. Replaced according to your suggestion. thanks


    3. I just make a muslim cause i heard it by a friend his name is manzoor a khan i like it very much my name is juanita ramos

    4. Before islam in arabs they do the idol worship this is type of worship of thier own mind creation and believe when NABI (PBUH) came with the message that ALLAH is one and oppose the worship that people believes that enforced by the managers the priesthood the theocracist the mullah the pops the pujaris is not one assign by the creator.

  5. Is there a difference between God and Allah! One is in Arabic and one is in English, but both are calling upon The One Almighty! Please don't create such differences as people will get confused who do not speak or understand Arabic! A Christain may say you have Allah and we have God, but the truth is they believe in same God as we do, the difference us we call Allah as in Arabic and they call God as in English, but they fall outside the circle of Islam because they associate Jesus as His son... But Allah and God is same! When person did the translation, he used God to make understand those who don't speak or understand Arabic to let them know the translation of Allah is God in English, the same Allah or God that you believe in and so do we, but you call upon him a son that we don't.

    1. If we apply what you recommended then Jews call their creator Yahweh and they believe in same creator( Allah). Please use a better justification. Since Iqbal wrote this and he was a muslim then Allah should be used. stop trying to please your farangi masters.

    2. Few Things Have To Be Adopt As It Is Regardless Of The Language, Allah Need To Be Adopt Rather To Translate It To Any X Y Z Language. Similary Masjid, Salat etc.
      Its a Common Practice in All Languates To Adopt Certain Words.

    3. Mr. Anonymous, you are challenging the basic teachings of Islam, propogated by Hazoor Pak (S.A.W.W) enshrined in the very first Surah, Al-Fateha, where Allah say Al-Hamdullillah, praise to Allah here Allah is the one and only and no partner whatsover with Him. A beautiful definition of the concept of Allah has been enshrined if you jointly recite Surah Akhlas and Ayatul Kurshi. Prior to Hazoor Pak (S.A.W.W) God was comprising of Trinity, The God, the Son and the Gabriel, Hazrat Jabreel (A.S) where Hazrat Jabreel is the Servent of Hazoor Pak (S.A.W.W) standing outside the door of Sarkar (S.A.W.W). When Abu Jehl was set to go to fight Battle of Badr, he gone to Kaaba and beseeched Allah and the 350 Idols in the Kaaba, which is mentioned in Surah Anfal. I think the mind should be clear now once for ever.

    4. In the sub-continent, we've used the Farsi word KHUDA for God for ever.
      Allah, God, Khuda, Yazdan... all describe Allah, the One.
      This useless debate obscures the message Iqbal intended to communicate.

  6. Allah is Allah

  7. bey shak allah 1 he.baeutiful, fantastic,poetry of great leader allama iqbal

  8. most most beautiful kalam of allama iqbal i love it

  9. Allah is the word which is not singular nor plural. Allah is the word which is not have any gender. Allah is the only word in Arabic which is also full fill the meaning of Laila ha Illallah.

    All other replacement like GOD have some plural and gender.

    Like gods and godesses etc. etc

    I hope it should clear.



  10. Dear All,

    First of all, brothers, before you fall into any arguments, please try and clarify among yourselves the exact meaning of the word "Al-Lah". The prefix "Al" in arabic is synonymous with the English word "The". There is no doubt that any language in the world cannot do justice to another in terms of translations, especially Arabic. But on the other hand, the word "lah" can be crudely translated to the word "(male) god" in English (when I say male, it is a figure of speech because "Al-Lah (SWT)" is above gender, but He still chose to address Himself in a word format that is used for males. "Laat" is the Arabic word for "goddess" (whom during the time of ignorance the Pagans of Makkah claimed was one of Al-Lah's daughters (Naauzibil-Lah). When "lah" is used, it refers to a random deity/entity that is worshiped or qualifies to be worshiped. But after adding the prefix to the word "lah", which is "Al-Lah" then we're going into specifics and thus referring to "The (one and only true) God". Obviously, there is no better word than "Al-Lah" for Him because only He knows (and can choose the name He prefers) best.

    Secondly, the declarative sentence/statement "La Ilaaha IL-Al-Lah" which is core of everything's existence; every single atom in the universe, is (the best and) one of those rare statements where there is a progressive negation/affirmation, which is popularly known as "nafi-asbaat".

    Nafi means to negate, Asbaat is a plural of the word "Saboot" which means proof or also "Saabit" which means to present with proof.


    La Ilaaha = There is no god (nafi) the clause of negation
    IL - Al-Lah = But Al-Lah (The One and Only True God!) (asbaat) the clause of affirmation/testimony

    I hope I've made myself clear. More importantly, this is not a game of loss or victory or exchanging hot words in order to establish who is right and who is wrong. Therefore, cool your tongues and recite what needs to be recited. "La Ilaaha IL-Al-Lah" :)

    God Bless us all,



    'Abd Al-Lah

    1. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

      You are right that "Al" means "The" in English language. I have learned Alhamdulillah in my Ilm classes that the word Allah is the name in its entirety. Alif-laam in Allah is not for "The". The name of Allah Ta'ala is such that if you remove any letter, the rest doesn't lose its meaning. It still points towards Allah Ta'ala. (lillah, lahu, hu all point towards Allah Ta'ala in Qur'an kareem).

      Alhamdulillah I have also learned from traditional scholars that Allah is an Arabic word that cannot be translated to any language Subhana'Allah. Allah is Allah!

      May Allah Ta'ala help us all walk on the right path (ameen).

      Jazak'Allah khair.

    2. Dear Brother,

      My intention was not to debate the actual transliteration and meaning of the word "Al-Lah". On the other hand, what I have stated above is also correct, as well as what you have mentioned. The fact of the matter is, the word "Allah" is so vast that it can entail all meanings and views, since He is the creator and He knows best. Our limited minds cannot fathom His "person", let alone the name He chose for Himself.

      Thank you for sharing what you've learned in your class. It is always nice to learn something that one didn't know about before. God bless you.

  11. Moreover, Yahweh (or Elohim) from the Hebrew Language should not be undermined because Ibraani (Hebrew) like Arabi (Arabic) is also Divinal Language. It is one of the few languages chosen by Al-Lah (SWT) for revealing His word, The Truth. A Muslim (one who has submitted to Al-Lah) is a Muslim wherever he or she is, if they believe in The One and Only True God. Islam has been there since the time of Prophet Adam (A.S.), so please be careful when you talk about the other 3 Books of God, namely, the Toraat, Zabur and Injeel. Moreover, Islam was not brought into the world through Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S) but rather it was restored to its original true form and completed by him. Therefore, if you reject all other prophets before him, then you have rejected him as well. Having said that, it was the Jewish Prophet Hazrat Musaa Moses (A.S.) who interceded to reduce our prayers from 50 times a day to 5 times. Islam was revealed in portions since the beginning of time and each of the 124,000 Prophets played their role in doing so. Sayyed-ul-Anbiaa Prophet Muhammad is seal of the Prophets, there will be none after him, but we have to revere him and those before him as well.

  12. May Al-Lah (SWT) save us from falling into any errors, especially the errors of speech. Ameen.

  13. Masha-ALLAH. Such beautiful words, and a message within.

  14. MASHA-ALLAH. Such beautiful words and message within. May ALLAH S.W. Bless his soul.

  15. can someone please explain the 5th sher, thanks in advance

  16. Truly hits your heart, makes you realise that this world is Faani... We're all going to leave one day.. so wake up now and recite.. La Ila Ha Illallah :)

  17. Now this is final about our behav

  18. Lailaha illalah ho lailaha illallah

  19. A salam aleikom.
    brothers en sisters, I have some questions, what for TARIKEH he had when he was alive,
    was it Qadreh sharif, of Djoedfeh sharif, you know what i meen, the most maulana have that some of this Tarikeh.

  20. IQBAL ne kamal he kar dia he.aise kamal ke shaire me ne kabi nahi parhi.

  21. beautiful motivational nd inspirational poetry REally speechless feeling very entusastic after reading all pieces of poetry really touches my heart

  22. This is just beautiful. Loving the translation as well.

  23. A masterpiece from a bless siant..

  24. 'La ilaha illullah' in this poem does not mean its literally meaning "There is no God but Allah". In this poem it means 'As-tugh-fir Allah' "May Allah bestow his amnesty (forgiveness)". In Arab and Iranian culture, they use 'La ilaha illullah' in lieu of 'As-tugh-fir Allah'. Iranians and Arabs use 'La ilaha illullah' in times of anger or surprise. Iqbal has also used 'La ilaha illullah' to show his discontent towards the action of the time. May PEACE and BLESSINGS of ALLAH be on this GREAT POET.

  25. Assalam-o-alaikum wa rahmatullahe wa barakatouhou! May Peace, Blessings and Guidance of Allah be on all of us. I have only one request from all the brothers and sisters. Kindly do not ever use word of " GOD " for ALLAH.God is not the name of The Almighty Allah. Therefore, always pronounce ALLAH. So do not be confused.

  26. It is strange that some people are translating " ILAH " as God. It is not true. " ILAH " means a person whom we should " worship. " Secondly, I would request all of you not to use the word of " GOD " for ALLAH. We do not need to translate ALLAH's name into GOD. ALLAH is ALLAH. May PEACE and BLESSINGS of ALLAH ( The Almighty ) be on all of you and on our beloved Pakistan.

  27. Very deep message, to be honest I could't understand all of it

  28. One of the best I have come across. Please keep the good work going... Agarchey Butt Hain Jamaat Kii Astinon Mein..................Mujhey Hai Hukm-e-Azaan, La Ilaha Illallah........... Many regards for presenting Allama so nicely. Balwant Gurunay.

  29. Many thanks for presenting Allama so well..... .Agarchey Butt Hain Jamaat Kii Astinon Mein bohatt, Mujhey Hai Hukm-e-Azan, La Ilaha Illallah........balwant gurunay...

  30. Many logical things in small is the beauty of your mind....salam ALLMA IQBAL...

  31. speechless poetry hai gyz.........

  32. Allah ko Allah k naam se hi pukaro. Kyun k yehi naam usne hamain bataya hai. baqi uskay sifati naam hain.

    Dated : November 17,1964

    It is hereby certified , that Mr. Mohammad Yousuf has been the Interpreter in this centre, and has accordingly been responsible for the translations, (Arabic/English/Urdu) rendered in the journal (The Cultural Bulletin) of this institution. Whoever shall have the chance to see the issues of this journal shall for himself find, the admirably high standard which Mr. Mohammad Yousuf maintains in all these languages and the enviable mastery which he exercises throughout, within the different fields of knowledge, both scientific and literary.
    He has besides this, displayed a real merit in his original writings. Specimens of which could be found in his articles published by the daily news paper “Pakistan Times”.
    He also did the work of correspondence to my real satisfaction. And he is a poet of great distinction, though unfortunately I understand he has not been yet able to find his place in that field, which he shall one day find by grace of Almighty Allah.
    He is quite, hardworking and reliable person, though I wish to recommend him for much more. Whoever shall give him a chance shall find the truth of my words himself.
    He has served with me in most intimate circumstances, and I had a good chance to scrutinize him in every way. I have marked and judged his literary talent, and intellectual capacity and I do confess that I found him unfathomable. His command of various languages namely, English, Arabic, Persian, and Urdu has so very often given me cause of wonder as to how a single person could manage to imbibe the true spirit of so many different languages leaving not the least vestige of any distinction for the original masters of those tongues, and as to how a person within a single span of life through self study could ever have managed to occupy an enviable position of great advantage in so many different fields of knowledge, literary, linguistic, scientific and philosophical. A correspondent of Bertrand Russell and a contributor of the Pakistan Times, Mr. Mohammad Yousuf is a gifted person of a type and caliber where words fail to express his real merit. Yet I am afraid, he having emerged in the field of action very recently he has not yet hit his real mark in the society of mankind, his eight great works, three prose works in English and five poetical in Urdu, having not yet seen the light of the day through publication though I hope that through the grace of Almighty his works which are valuable asset shall soon be presented to the distressed humanity. It gives me pleasure to note that he has directed his attention on taking University degrees, and has passed his B.A. A preparatory step to take P.H.D. which he very well deserves.
    Mr. Mohammad Yousuf is an honest, sensitive, coconscious, hard working and dependable man, and we all are so sorry to leave him, for our centre has been closed. We all wish him good luck and a speedy success. May God help him.

    Professor : Mohammad Fawzi Hassan Khalil,
    Director, U.A.R. Arab Cultural Centre, Lahore.
    Ex- Visiting Professor, The Punjab University,



    By Allama Muhammad Yousauf Gabriel

    This earth no doubt never was meant to be an abode of unmixed bliss, or complete joy, no matter what the system, what the civilization, what the religion. This earth is a house for man's trial, and is thus the house of sufferings and afflictions. But far grievous is the state of mankind in the Baconian age. People caught up in the universal economico-industrial set-up, and being broiled in the Baconian furnace, still the victims of misunderstandings, consider this age as a great age of great possibilities, not realizing the loss of both the worlds. Their misunderstandings, however, will sooner or later be cleared, for the temperatures of Baconian furnace are fast increasing and will ultimately become unbearable. The hazards of Atomic annihilation through the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations are the trumpets of the consequential unpopularity of this Baconian culture and this Baconian progress. If, however, this Baconian system continues for long, then surely, this human race which still shows some humanitarian characteristics will, due to the dwindling resources and intensifying appetite, assume cannibalistic characteristics falling on each other to appease hunger, and tearing into bits, will devour up flesh, bone and all. Stronger individuals devouring up the weaker ones. The stranger nations devouring up the frailer ones, without a scruple and justifying their acts on this Baconian pretext or that. This is going to be the unfailing effect and the inevitable result of that philosophy which has given out the pursuit of natural philosophy for material gain as man's actual business, and moral philosophy as an impious continuation of the first transgression of Adam that of tasting the fruit of the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
    Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel
    Adara Afqar e Gabriel QA St. Nawababad Wah Cantt Distt Rawalpindi Pakistan

  35. Thank you Mr Abdullah for the clarification and letting the debate rest. These debates indeed are a diversion from the actual meaning of the poetry of the great man and Allama of the centuries to come in my humble opinion.

  36. Thanks Mr Abdullah for detailed clarification and letting this debate rest. These debates are unnecessary diversion of the beautiful poetry and message from a great man, & Allama of the centuries to come in my humble opinion. Thanks and hopefully we could try to follow and understand the meaning of his message through this poetry and his other works. Ameen!

  37. اقبال اقبال ہے صاحبو! ۔ ایسے افراد جو ملتوں کی قسمت کے ستارے ہوں، کم کم ہی پیدا ہوا کرتے ہیں۔