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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-017) Touheed (توحید) Oneness Of God


Zinda Quwwat Thi Jahan Mein Yehi Touheed Kabhi
Aaj Kya Hai, Faqat Ek Masla-e-Ilm-e-Kalaam

Tauhid has been a living force in the days bygone;
What is it these days? Merely a topic of theology.

Roshan Iss Zou Se Agar Zulmat-e-Kirdar Na Ho
Khud Musalman Se Hai Poshida Musalman Ka Maqam

If its glory doesn’t make the darkness of character radiant,
 Muslim cannot judge his elevated position.

Main Ne Ae Meer-e-Sipah! Teri Sipah Dekhi Hai
‘QUL HU WALLAH’ Ki Shamsheer Se Khali Hain Nayam

Chief of warriors, I have witnessed your array;
Their sheaths are devoid of the sword of Say: 'He is Allah'

Aah, Iss Raaz Se Waqif Hai Na Mullah, Na Faqeeh
Wahdat Afkar Ki Be-Wahdat-e-Kirdar Hai Kham

Ah! Neither mullah nor faqih envisages the fact that
Unity of thought without unity of action is imperfect.

Qoum Kya Cheez Hai, Qoumon Ki Imamat Kya Hai
Iss Ko Kya Samjhain Ye Bechare Do Rakat Ke Imam!

What is a nation, or how to lead it?—
What clue these leaders of prayers could have of that!


  1. Main Ne Ae Meer-e-Sipah! Teri Sipah Dekhi Hai
    ‘QUL HU WALLAH’ Ki Shamsheer Se Khali Hain Nayam

    there is difference between two words(sipah) as far as i understood.
    the first one refers to "warrior"(a believer here in the context)
    the second one refers to "example"

    here allama rehmatullah alyh refers to a a believer and says
    O you believer i have your example
    it is like a pod/sheath(of sword) without the actual sword(of tawheed).

    means for the outer world a muslim seems to be believer but actually it lacks the real thing(of tawheed in real senses).

    1. No Sipah means fighter here...
      Beacause the following line goes in accordance to it.
      secondly Meer-e-sipah... Meer is the leader.. so he is directly talking about a fighter.

    2. it is about ALLAH ki rasi the base of unity

    3. mir sipah mean hazoor elysalam and sipah mean muslims of today

  2. No doubt DR. ALLAMA IQBAL have great philosophical thought about TAUHEED.....

  3. true genius, beautiful tafseer of Soorah Ikhlaas... May Allah elevate his status in Jannah.

    1. jo Iqbal ko samajhtya hain wo bhi Jannat main jain gay...

  4. hmmmmm u r right.............

  5. Toheed yeh hai k Insan Nafas ko Fana kr k ALLAH k sath baki se khatam ho kar aik ho jay...kyonke ALLAH pak ki zaat har insan k dil main hai. Kisi ko yakeen hai or koi is baat ko nahi janta .Jisko yakeen ho wo positive life per belive krta hai. Jo ALLAH se door ho wo mayoosi ki life guzarta hai.... If any one interested in talking discussion for exchange of knowledge please add me to your facebook.

  6. Ahy hy hy hy Great Allama Iqbal ..........

  7. sada adab lekin zordaar... :)

  8. Khud Musalman Se Hai Poshida Musalman Ka Maqam

    Mean Muslman apni pehchan kr lay k uska dil ALLAH pak ki jalwa gah hai to usko dosray mulskan ki qadar bhi ho jay k uska dil bhi allah pak ki jalwa gah hai or phir kahan gayay sunni,deobandi,wahabi,shia etc??? yeh sub khatam ho jay gaaa..agar yeh shaoor naseeb ho ..per yeh marffat k bina mumkin hi nahi..

  9. Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah

  10. can-anyone-tell-me-the-meaning-of-3rd-sheer