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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-049) Imamat


Tu Ne Puchi Hai Imamat Ki Haqeeqat Mujh Se
Haq Tujhe Meri Tarah Sahib-e-Asrar Kare

What Guidance signifies you wish to know,
Insight, like me, may God on you bestow!

Hai Wohi Tere Zamane Ka Imam-e-Barhaq
Jo Tujhe Hazir-o-Mojood Se Bezar Kare

He is true guide and teacher of your age,
Who can with present fill your mind with rage.

Mout Ke Aaeene Mein Tujh Ko Dikha Kar Rukh-e-Dost
Zindagi Tere Liye Aur Bhi Dushwar Kare

By showing the face of Friend in looking glass,
May make your life more onerous and crass.

De Ke Ehsas-e-Zayan Tera Lahoo Garma De
Faqr Ki Saan Charha Kar Tujhe Talwar Kare

He may make your blood seethe with sense of harm
And on faqr’s whetstone may to sword transform.

Fitna-e-Millat-e-Baiza Hai Imamat Uss Ki
Jo Musalman Ko Salateen Ka Prestar Kare!

Such guidance means revolt ’against Lustrous Creed
That makes the Muslims bow to kingly breed.


  1. Awesome clarification of the Leader.......

  2. beautifull

    very few people have the understanding of the Quran as Iqbal had, sooooooooooooooper

  3. most of the people don't understand the concept of Imamat

  4. Verily, the insight guides. Very true qualification of the evaluation of the Leader of Ummah. one thing is clear that an Imam of the era is always a revolutionary intellectual who is a mark of change and who reforms brains then society.............

  5. salateen ko prestar kre ka matlab

  6. Muslims, particularly Pakistani Muslims, have three sources of guidance:
    1. Quran-e-Hakeem
    2. Aswa-e-Hasana and Seerat-e-tayyaba
    3. Kalam-e-Iqba
    The way Pakistani society has developed and the direction it is forward to, unfortunately, is wayward from these sources.l

  7. Abdul Qadeer Bhatti17 June 2015 at 05:49

    Imamat is very high profile which is conferred by Allah ( S.W.T) to His Profits/messenger after much hard trial.

  8. Muhammad Abdullah Ashraf16 October 2015 at 12:28

    AoA :)
    Where can I find some understandable explanation of the last couplet in this poem 'Imamat'.
    "Fitna-e-Millat-e-Baiza Hai Imamat Uss Ki
    Jo Musalman Ko Salateen Ka Prestar Kare!"
    If anyone can explain, it d be a kind deed :)

    1. مطلب مرزا غلام احمد فتنہ ہے. تب اس نے امام مہدی ہونے کا دعوی کیا تھا. ابھی نبوت کا کرنا تھا.

  9. millat (nation) e (of) Baizan (egg - usually refers to non beleivers) Fitna turmoil
    So I infer it means that a true Imaam would make a muslim dislike/disaprove what is wrong, unjust, unlawful in our times. Instead he would make you think about the real leaders who lead not by dictatorship but motivate you t be just, kind, and all virtuous deeds like prophets - true kings.

    1. Millat e baiza is a nation which is clean and clear like a egg white this refers to muslims

  10. Fitna-e-Millat-e-Baiza Hai Imamat Uss Ki
    Jo Musalman Ko Salateen Ka Prestar Kare

    It's actually answer to those who say that Allama was follower of Mirza Qadiani who use to say it's not good to fight against the British rule, so Allama shows his view regarding him that:

    Fitna e (Millat-e-baiza = Muslim Ummah) hai Imamat Uss Ki
    Jo Musalman ko (Salateen = Kings) ka (parastar=fan) kare

  11. As a person who knows Arabic well, I believe "baizaa" = white = the British. So basically, what Allama Iqbal is saying is "the imamat of the one who wants the Muslims to be loyal subjects of these rulers,is a fitna of the whites (ghorey as we call them, the British)." And I'm sure this is about the dajjal Mirza Ghulam...

    1. No brother, Millat e Baiza means Muslim Ummah. I'm sure of it!

  12. فتنہ ملت بیضا ہے امامت اس کی
    جو مسلمان کو سلاطین کا پریستار کرے
    It is Allama clear stance on the democratic system and condemn all those ulama who are looking forward to democracy as in democracy the masses are directly sublime to the sultan...

  13. It is for my pom

  14. Han to phr Allama Khadim Husssain Rizvi hamare Imam Hein !!!!!