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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-067) Umra'ay Arab Se

Umraye Arab Se
To The Amirs Of Arabia

Bhopal (Sheesh Mahal) Mein Likhe Gye

Kare Ye Kafir-e-Hindi Bhi Juraat-e-Guftar
Agar Na Ho Umraye Arab Ki Be Adabi !

If Amirs of Arabian lands donʹt take it for a slur or slight:
This Muslim from the land of India may speak with vigour great and might.

Ye Nukta Pehle Sikhaya Gya Kis Ummat Ko?
Wasal Mustafawi, Iftaraq Bu Lahbi!

Who were the people whom at first Godʹs apostle preached kinship close?
Division amongst them was infused by men like Bu Lahab and such foes.

Nahin Wujood Hudood-o-Saghoor Se Iss Ka
Muhammad-e-Arabi (S.A.W.) Se Hai Alam-e-Arabi!

Their existence does not rest at all: on borders long and deserts vast 
Arabian lands subsist because of blessings of Arabiaʹs Prophet (PBUH) Last.

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