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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-077) Asrar-e-Paida

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Uss Qoum Ko Shamsheer Ki Hajat Nahin Rehti
Ho Jis Ke Jawanon Ki Khudi Soorat-e-Foulad

A nation whose youth are endowed with self as strong and hard as steel:
No need of piercing swords in war such people brave can ever feel.

Na-Cheez Jahan-e-Meh-o-Parveen Tere Agay
Woh Alam-e-Majboor Hai, Tu Alam-e-Azad

The world of Pleiades and the Moon by natural laws is chained and bound;
Whereas the world in which you dwell owns insight, will and mind much sound.

Moujon Ki Tapish Kya Hai, Faqt Zauq-e-Talab Hai
Pinhan Jo Sadaf Mein Hai, Woh Doulat Hai Khudadad

What do the quivering waves imply, Save enormous zeal and zest for quest?
What lies concealed in mother shell is gift of God Who knows it best.

Shaheen Kabhi Parwaz Se Thak Kar Nahin Girta
Pur Dam Hai Agar Tu To Nahin Khatra-e-Uftad

The hawk is never tired of flight, Does not drop gasping on the ground:
If unwearied it remains on wings, From huntersʹ dread is safe and sound.


  1. Subhanallah..:) May we all start to work on the Iqbal-e-Rah....

  2. What does khutra -e- iftad mean?

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  4. Allama iqbal was a great poet in the world...

    I love iqbal and I miss him lots

  5. This Website is Best Among All.We Really Appreciate You
    Stay Blessed

  6. The first couplet of Allama is in Resonance with the true nature of pure Muslim as Knowing yourself will Disappear all Swords,and we ourselves will be the sword which will reflect 'La illaha Illallah'!