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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-090) Asar-e-Hazir

Modern Age 

Pukhta Afkar Kahan Dhoondne Jaye Koi
Iss Zamane Ki Hawa Rakhti Hai Har Cheez Ko Khaam

Wherefrom a man can find ripe thoughts in present age?
The weather of this park no ripeness can presage.

Madrasa Aqal Ko Azad To Karta Hai Magar
Chor Jata Hai Khayalat Ko Be-Rabt-o-Nizam

The seats of learning give the mind of pupils scope:
But leave the thoughts of youth unlinked by thread or rope.

Murda, La-Deeni-e-Afkar Se Afrang Mein Ishq
Aqal Be-Rabti-e-Afkar Se Mashriq Mein Ghulam!

The love of God is dead by unbelief ’mong Franks:
Through lack of link in thoughts, East shackles wears on shanks.

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