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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-133) Mirza Bedil

Mirza Bedil

Hai Haqiqat Ya Meri Chashme-e-Ghalat-Been Ka Fasad
Ye Zameen, Ye Dasht, Ye Kuhsaar, Ye Charakh-e-Kubood

Is it a fact or delusion mere which has been caused by erring eye:
Do earth, hills, deserts vast exist, And is there any azure sky?.

Koi Kehta Hai Nahin Hai, Koi Kehta Hai Ke Hai
Kya Khabar, Hai Ke Nahin Hai Teri Dunya Ka Wujood!

Some aver that they do exist, Whereas some call their being untrue;
O God, it is very hard to find to truth or falsehood certain clue.

Mirza Bedil Ne Kis Khoobi Se Kholi Ye Girah
Ahl-e-Hikmat Par Bohat Mushkil Rahi Jis Ki Kushood

Bedil resolved this tangled knot with so much skill and manner nice,
Though sages and wise men of the past to undo this skein had no device.

“Dil Agar Maidashat Wussat Be Nishan Buwad Aen Chaman
Rang-e-Mai Beerun Nasheest Az Basika Meena Tang Bood”

If heart of man were vast enough, This mead would have retained no trace
Some wine has overflowed the brim, Because the flask had narrow space.


  1. Kuch na samjhey khuda karey koi...
    By heart do we mean consciousness?