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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-137) Surood-e-Haraam

Unlawful Music

Na Mere Zikr Mein Sufiyon Ka Souz-o-Suroor
Na Mera Fikr Hai Pemana-e-Sawab-o-Azab

My remembrance lacks the warmth and zeal that mystics oft attain:
My thought is not a scale at all for deeds deserving need or pain.

Khuda Kare Ke Usse Ittefaq Ho Mujh Se
Faqeeh-e-Shehr Ke Hai Mehram-e-Hadees-o-Kitab

I wish that jurist of the town, Who knows the rules that Prophet taught
And is adept at Book revealed, To my own point of view be brought.

Agar Nawa Mein Hai Poshida Mout Ka Pegham
Haraam Meri Nigahon Mein Naye-o-Chang-o-Rubab!

If in the music or its strains the message of decease is hid
Such music of harp, reed and lute in view of mine is quite forbid.

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