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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-141) Hunarwaran-e-Hind

India’s Artists

Ishq-o-Masti Ka Janaza Hai Takhiyyul Un Ka
In Ke Andaisha-e-Tareek Mein Qoumon Ke Mazar

Their opinions bury love and enthusiasm,
In their dark ideas is the tomb of nations.

Mout Ki Naqsh Gari In Ke Sanam Khanon Mein
Zindagi Se Hunar In Barhamanon Ka Bezar

In their temples they carve symbols of death,
The art of such Brahmins is disgusted with life.

Chashme-e-Adam Se Chupate Hain Maqamat-e-Buland
Karte Hain Rooh Ko Khawabida, Badan Ko Baidar

They conceal high goals from view;
They put the spirit to slumber and awaken the body.

Hind Ke Shayar-o-Sooratgar-o-Afsana Nawees
Ah, Becharon Ke Asaab Pe Aurat Hai Sawar!

The senses of the poor Indian poets, painters
And literary writers are obsessed by woman.


  1. Wonderful wonderful, thanks Mr.Iqbal this is a slap to liberals from Iqbal a century ago. Well played.

  2. Even in today's life you will see women are projected, in every walk of life. Even more than men, feminine touch is focused.

    I was surprised to see women in shaving gel, cement and in even men undergarment ads. Its all womanizer in one or other way.

    You see, every single ad on TV and outside must contain women and in every movie each decade they are dressed lesser than ever. In name of fashion, empowerment they are pulled outside home and try relating crime against women is ever increasing.

    Think and research yourself. Allama was so quick to identify this century ago. RA.