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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-146) Zauq-e-Nazar

Zest For Sight

Khudi Buland Thi Uss Khoon Garifta-Cheeni Ki
Kaha Ghareeb Ne Jallad Se Dam-e-Tazeer

How lofty was that Chinese’s self who for crime was condemned to death.
On eve of his beheading, he asked headsman, ʺStop for a span of breath!

Thehr Thehr Ke Bohat Dil Kasha Hai Ye Manzir
Zara Mein Dekh To Loon Taabnaaki-e Shamsheer

He asked for stoppage many times, For it was very pleasant scene:
He wished to see for moments few the swordʹs great‐glimmer, glow and sheen.

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