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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-156) Yorap Aur Yahood

Yourap Aur Yuhood
Europe And The Jews

Ye Aesh-e-Farawan, Ye Hukumat, Ye Tajarat
Dil-e-Seena-e-Be Noor Mein Mehroom-e-Tasalli

Unbridled luxury, State pomp and pride, rich commerce;
But to dwell inside that lampless breast all tranquil thoughts refuse.

Tareek Hai Afrang Machinon Ke Duhween Se
Ye Wadi-e-Ayman Nahin Shayaan-e-Tajalli

Dark is the white man’s country with the grime of engines,
No valley that might see Splendour descending on a burning tree;

Hai Naza Ki Halat Mein Ye Tehzeeb-e-Jawan Marg
Shaid Hon Kaleesa Ke Yuhoodi Mutawalli !

A civilization sick before its prime,
At its least gasp—leaving maybe for caretakers of Christendom, the Jews.

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