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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-168) Sultani-e-Javed

Sultani Javed
Everlasting Monarchy

Ghawwas To Fitrat Ne Banaya Hai Mujhe Bhi
Lekin Mujhe Aamaq-e-Siasat Se Hai Parhaiz

A diver after pearls Nature made me,
Though wary of the abysses of the State.

Fitrat Ko Gawara Nahin Sultani-e-Javed
Har Chand Ke Ye Shaubda Bazi Hai Dil Awaiz

Whomever its legerdemain may captivate,
She sets a term to every monarchy;

Farhad Ki Khara Shikni Zinda Hai Ab Tak
Baqi Nahin Dunya Mein Mulookiat-e-Parviaz !

Farhad’s hill‐hewing labour still lives on,
Parvez’ conquering might is dead and gone.

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