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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-179) Sham-o-Falesteen

Syria And Palestine

Rindan-e-Faransis Ka Maikhana Salamat
Pur Hai Mai-e-Gulrang Se Har Sheesha Halab Ka

Heaven’s blessing on those brazen Frenchmen shine!
Aleppo’s rare glass brims with their red wine.

Hai Khak-e-Falasteen Pe Yahoodi Ka Agar Haq
Haspania Pe Haq Nahin Kyun Ahl-e-Arab Ka

—If the Jew claims the soil of Palestine,
Why not the Arab Spain?

Maqsad Hai Mulookiat-e-Englees Ka Kuch Aur
Qissa Nahin Naranj Ka Ya Shehad-o-Rutab Ka

Some new design must have inflamed our English potentates;
This is no story of oranges, honey or dates.


  1. Mysterious comment on Western strategies to rule World by Iqbal. Sometimes it's colonialism, for today it's the "New World Order". I just require an explanation for very last misrah: "Qissa nahi naranj ka ya shehad o ratab ka"... Have a vague idea about it, but still need to get things clear.

  2. the brits said they had come looking for these in palestine
    iqbal implied their designs are more sinister