Search Words, Couplet, Verse, Shair In Iqbal Poetry

(Zabur-e-Ajam-01) Ba-Khawanandah Kitab-e-Zabur


  1. who has translated this poetry? where did you get "tasawaf" in there? please don't twist Allama's poetry to satisfy your own desires and agenda. Nowhere is he talking about "tasawaf."

    1. Translation and Tashreeh by Prof. Hameed Ullah Shah Hashmi (M.A. Urdu, M.A. History, M.A Islamiyat, M.A. Punjabi, Principal Chakwal Grammar School, Chakwal)

  2. If u r Saying Iqbal is not talking about "tasawuf" then this means u don't even know what Iqbal is?
    Iqbal is the man who understood Holy Quran who understood Islam and Philosophy of Islam and all his poetry (specially Persian) is pivoting around this Philosophy of Islam..
    and this is what is called "Tasawuf"...