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(Bang-e-Dra-007) Aik Pahar Aur Gulehri

Aik Pahar Aur Gulehri
(Makhooz Az Emerson) - Bachon Ke Liye

(Adopted for Children from Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Koi Pahar Ye Kehta Tha Ek Gulehri Se
Tujhe Ho Sharam To Pani Mein Ja Ke Doob Maray

A mountain was saying this to a squirrel
Commit suicide if you have self-respect

Zara Si Cheez Hai, Iss Pe Garoor, Kya Kehna
Ye Aqal Aur Ye Samajh, Ye Shaur, Kya Kehna!

You are insignificant, still so arrogant, how strange!
You are neither wise, nor intelligent! not even shrewd!

Khuda Ki Shan Hai Na-Cheez, Cheez Ban Baithen
Jo Be-Shaur Hon, Yun Ba-Tameez Ban Baithen

It is strange when the insignificant pose as important!
When the stupid ones like you pose as intelligent!

Teri Bisat Hai Kya Meri Shan Ke Aagay
Zameen Hai Passt Meri Aan Baan Ke Aagay

You are no match in comparison with my splendour
Even the earth is low compared with my splendour

Jo Baat Mujh Mein Hai, Tujh Ko Vo Naseeb Kahan
Bhala Pahar Kahan, Janwar Gareeb Kahan!

The grandeur of mine does not fall to your lot
The poor animal cannot equal the great mountain!

Kaha Ye Sun Ke Gulehri Ne, Munh Sambhal Zara
Ye Kachi Baatain Hain Dil Se Inhain Nikal Zara

On hearing this the squirrel said, Hold your tongue!
These are immature thoughts, expel them from your heart!

Jo Mein Bari Nahin Teri Tarah To Kya Parwa
Nahin Hai Tu Bhi To Aakhir Meri Tarah Chotta

I do not care if I am not large like you!
You are not a pretty little thing like me

Her Aik Cheez Se Paida Khuda Ki Qudrat Hai
Koi Bara, Koi Chotta, Ye Uss Ki Hikmat Hai

Everything shows the Omnipotence of God
Some large, some small, is the Wisdom of God

Bara Jahan Mein Tujh Ko Bana Diya Uss Ne
Mujhe Darakht Pe Charhna Sikha Diya Uss Ne

He has created you large in the world
And He has taught me climbing large trees

Qadam Uthane Ki Takat Nahin Zara Tujh Mein
Niri Barai Hai, Khubi Hai Aur Kya Tujh Mein

You are unable to walk a single step
Only large size! What other greatness have you?

Jo Tu Bara Hai To Mujh Sa Hunar Dikha Mujh Ko
Ye Chaliya Hi Zara Tor Ker Dikha Mujh Ko

If you are large show me some of the skills I have
Show me how you break this beetle nut as I can

Nahin Hai Cheez Nakami Koi Zamane Mein
Koi Bura Nahin Qudrat Ke Karkhane Mein

Nothing is useless in this world
Nothing is bad in God’s creation


  1. i like this very much

    1. i agree its really awesome

    2. really like this poem u can get message too not only for children.its for everyone

    3. really good

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  3. aslam o alikum warehmtulahi wabarkatoho
    iqbal ki shari lajwab he. Allah pak he jo insano ko qable izat bnata he (beshak)

  4. i`m a great fan of IQBAL his poetry has its own awesome meanings as he was as a person

  5. allama iqbal (R.A)ki yah nazam surat Hujrat ki Ayat NO 11 ki tashreeh hay. Allah aap ki qabar per la tadad rehmatain fermaiy. Ameen

  6. excellent moral given !!!!!! amazing............

  7. Qadam Uthane Ki Takat Nahin Zara Tujh Mein
    Niri Barai Hai, Khubi Hai Aur Kya Tujh Mein

  8. nicely written poems of ALLAMA IQBAL...........

  9. I love Iqbal really. May live His soul in Paradise. Allah blesse Him.Ammmmeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnn.
    Sami ullah Kamboh. Gujranwala Punjab Pakistan.

  10. "Nahin Hai Cheez Nakami Koi Zamane Mein
    Koi Bura Nahin Qudrat Ke Karkhane Mein"I AGREE WITH THIS.

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  16. A great message was conveyed to children through this great poem by the greatest poet of all times simply fabulous

  17. Superb. I like it very much.

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    1. it isnt just a suberb poem it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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