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(Bang-e-Dra-029) Shayar

The Poet

Qoum Goya Jism Hai, Afrad Hain Azaaye Qoum
Manzil-e-Sanaat Ke Rah Pema Hain Dast-O-Paye Qoum

A nation is like a body, and the individuals in it the body’s limbs:
Those who walk the road of industry are its hands and feet,

Mehfil-e-Nazam-e-Hukumat, Chehra-e-Zaibaye Qoum
Shayar-e-Rangee Nawa Hai Dida-e-Beenaye Qoum

The office of government is its beautiful face,
And the poet of tuneful melodies is its seeing eye.

Mubtalaye Dard Koi Uzoo Ho, Roti Hai Ankh
Kis Qadar Hamdard Sare Jism Ki Hoti Hai Ankh

If just one limb should suffer pain, Tears will drop from the eye–
How anxious the eye is for the whole body!

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