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(Bang-e-Dra-058) Jinhain Main Dhoondta Tha Asmanon Mein Zameenon Mein

Jinhain Mein Dhondta Tha Asmanon Mein Zameenon Mein
Woh Nikle Mere Zulmat Khana-e-Dil Ke Makeenon Mein

The one I was searching for on the earth and in heaven
Appeared residing in the recesses of my own heart

Haqiqat Apni Ankhon Par Namayan Jab Huwi Apni
Makan Nikla Humare Khana-e-Dil Ke Makeenon Mein

When the reality of the self became evident to my eyes
The house appeared among residents of my own heart

Agar Kuch Ashana Hota Mazaq-e-Jaba-Sayi Se
To Sang-e-Astan-e-Kaaba Ja Milta Jabeenon Mein

If it were somewhat familiar with taste of rubbing foreheads
The stone of Ka’ba’s threshold would have joined the foreheads

Kabhi Apna Bhi Nazara Kiya Hai Tu Ne Ae Majnoon
Ke Laila Ki Tarah Tu Bhi Hai Mehmil Nasheenon Mein

O Majnun! Have you ever glanced at yourself
That like Layla you are also sitting in the litter

Mahine Wasl Ke Ghariyon Ki Soorat Urte Jate Hain
Magar Ghariyan Judai Ki Guzerti Hain Mahinon Mein

The months of the union continue flying like moments
But the moments of separation linger for months!

Mujhe Roke Ga Tu Ae Na-Khuda Kya Gharaq Hone Se
Ke Jin Ko Doobna Ho, Doob Jate Hain Safeenon Mein

O seaman, how will you protect me from being drowned
As those destined to drowning get drowned in the boats also

Chupaya Husn Ko Apne Kaleem-Ullah Se Jis Ne
Wohi Naz Afreen Hai Jalwa Pera Naaz Neenon Mein

The one who concealed His Beauty from Kalim Allah
The same Beloved is manifest among beloveds

Jala Sakti Hai Shama-e-Kushta Ko Mouj-e-Nafas In Ki
Elahi! Kya Chupa Hota Hai Ahl-e-Dil Ke Seenon Mein

The breath of Lovers can light up the extinguished candle
O God! What is kept concealed in the breast of the Lovers?

Tamanna Dard-e-Dil Ki Ho To Kar Khidmat Faqeeron Ki
Nahin Milta Ye Gohar Badshahon Ke Khazeenon Mein

Serve the fakirs if you have the longing for Love
This pearl is not available in the treasures of kings

Na Puch In Kharqa Poshon Ki, Iradat Ho To Dekh In Ko
Yad-e-Baiza Liye Baithe Hain Apni Asteenon Mein

Do not ask of these Devotees, if you have faith, you should look at them
They have the illuminated palm up their sleeves

Tarasti Hai Nigah-e-Narsa Jis Ke Nazare Ko
Woh Ronaq Anjuman Ki Hai Inhi Khalwat Guzinon Mein

The insightful eye for whose spectacle is tantalized
That elegance of congregation is in these very recluses

Kisi Aese Sharar Se Phoonk Apne Kharman-e-Dil Ko
Ke Khursheed-e-Qayamat Bhi Ho Tere Khosha Cheenon Mein

Burn the produce of your heart with some such spark
That the Last Day’s sun may also be among your gleaners

Mohabbat Ke Liye Dil Dhoond Koi Tootne Wala
Ye Woh Mai Hai Jise Rakhte Hain Nazuk Abgeenon Mein

For Love search for some heart which would become mortified
This is the wine which is kept in delicate wine glasses

Sarapa Husn Ban Jata Hai Jis Ke Husn Ka Ashiq
Bhala Ae Dil Haseen Aesa Bhi Hai Koi Haseenon Mein

The Beauty itself becomes the Lover of whose Beauty
O Heart! Does someone among the beautiful has that beauty?

Pharak Utha Koi Teri Adaye ‘MA ARAFNA’ Par
Tera Rutba Raha Barh Charh Ke Sub Naaz Afreenon Mein

Someone became highly excited at your grace of Ma’arafna
Your rank remained among the most elegant of all the Lovers

Namayan Ho Ke Dikhla De Kabhi In Ko Jamal Apna
Bohat Muddat Se Cherche Hain Tere Bareek Beenon Mein

Manifest Yourself and show them Your Beauty some time
Talks have continued among the sagacious since long time

Khamosh Ae Dil! Bhari Mehfil Mein Chillana Nahin Acha
Adab Pehla Qareena Hai Mohabbat Ke Qareenon Mein

Silent, O Heart! Crying in the full assembly is not good
Decorum is the most important etiquette among the ways of Love

Bura Samajhun Inhain, Mujh Se To Aesa Ho Nahin Sakta
Ke Main Khud Bhi To Hun Iqbal Apne Nukta Cheenon Mein

It is not possible for me to deem my critics bad
Because Iqbal, I am myself among my critics


  1. There is mistake in one couplet (شعر) of this Ghazal...
    In the third couplet the correct word is (جَبَہ سائی) "Jaba Saai" means (سجدہ کرنا) "to prostrate"...

    But here it is written like (جُبہ سائی) "Jubba Saai" the meaning of "Jubba" is (جامہ، چوغہ) "Gown"

    One word is totally changing the meaning of couplet, Please correct it in Urdu as well as in Roman Urdu (By removing pesh from Jeem)... Thanks

    - Tayyab

  2. @Tayyab

    Brother, Your are right, There should be 'Zabar' instead of 'Paish'. It is fixed now. Please inform me with more corrections as this will help thousands of readers in future.

  3. plz explanation for this ghazal i need plz plz

    1., this page has explanation of iqbals poetry

  4. plz i need explanation for this gahzal plz plz

  5. Hello,

    correct it:
    This is the wine which is not kept in delicate wine glasses

    remove this not from above sentence,


  6. I love this poetry a voice of my heart really.....

  7. I really love this poetry
    I want explanation of this sh air "khamosh aye dil bhari mehfil me chillana nae axha........" Plz explain it briefly

  8. The correct pronunciation is Khirqa خِرقہ in 10th couplet and khirman خِرمن in 12th couplet, I think.

  9. dont publish my comments just verify and correct the words I have pointed out. thanks

  10. Anonymous plz if u don't undstand this khamosh aye dil
    Then plz don't even try to thnk abut it

  11. Awesoooooooooom And Goood Job

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