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(Bang-e-Dra-059) Tere Ishq Ki Intaha Chahta Hun

Tere Ishq Ki Intiha Chahta Hun
Meri Sadgi Dekh Kya Chahta Hun

Completion of your Love is what I desire
Look at my sincerity what little I desire

Sitam Ho Ke Ho Wada-e-Be-Hijabi
Koi Baat Sabr Azma Chahta Hun

It may be oppression or the promise of unveiling
Something testing my perseverance I desire

Ye Jannat Mubarik Rahe Zahidon Ko
Ke Mein Ap Ka Samna Chahta Hun

May the pious be happy with this Paradise
Only to see your Countenance I desire

Zara Sa To Dil Hun Magar Shaukh Itna
Wohi Lan-Tarani Suna Chahta Hun

Though I am but a tiny little heart I am so bold
To hear the same Lan tarani I desire

Koi Dam Ka Mehman Hun Ae Ahl-e-Mehfil
Charagh-e-Sehar Hun, Bujha Chahta Hun

O assembly’s companions! I am existing only for a few moments
I am the dawn’s candle, I am about to be extinguished

Bhari Bazm Mein Raaz Ki Baat Keh Di
Bara Be-Adab Hun, Saza Chahta Hun

I have divulged the secret in the full assembly
I am very insolent, punishment I desire


  1. Its beautiful!!
    words are very less to describe IQBAL THE GREAT...
    Leaders and heroes like him aren't born everyday
    All of his work that I have come across is wonderful

  2. hey can you explain the meaning of LAN TARANI used in the 4th sher

    1. LAN TARANI "Means you can not see ME "
      When Hazrat Musa A.S asked Allah SWT can I see you? then Allah SWT replied "LAN TARANI"

  3. "LAN TARANI" Is refered to the story of musa (A.S) he wanted to see ALLAH, to which ALLAH replied "LAN TARANI" meaning " YOU WILL NOT SEE ME"

    1. Lan-never
      Ta-you can
      Lan tarani=You can never see me

    2. Dear Tara (ترى) is a one single word which is the subjunctive mood of verb رأى used as singular second person in present/future tense. ني is a sufffix that is added to the verb to give the meaning of 'me'. The ی at the end of تری is called alif maskhoora and is changed to ا when a prefix is added.
      لن = never/will not
      تراني= ( you will) see Me.

    3. thanks dear anonymous because i wasn't understand the word lan tarani.But now i have understood.

  4. Iqbal ......the great

  5. its so so so so so owasome i really like it, i love ALLAMA IQBAL...........

  6. yar kamal ki baat keh dali is insan ne

  7. Please if someone could explain TERAY ISHQ KI INTAHA. THANKS


  8. in second last couplet its
    Chiragh e Sahar instead of
    Chiragh e Seher .......
    Sahar means 'subha' and seher means 'Jadoo'

  9. Lantarani here means boasting... and lan tarani as in u cannot see me.

  10. Bohat khub....

  11. its very heart touching. The poetry of IQBAL is the Translation of many Ayah of AL-Quaran!

  12. graet poet , i love dr, iqbal

  13. SubhanAllah nice kalam i love this kalam

  14. سبحان اللہ. یقینا اقبال گزستہ دور کے سب سے بہترین شاعر ہیں. ان کے کلام میں جو روحانیت اور گہرائی تھی وہ اس دور کے شعرا میں نہیں ملتی. اقبال نے تصوف میں اردو شاعری کو وہ مقام دلایا جو ایک طویل دور تاک فارسی کو حاصل تھا.

  15. Ye Jannat Mubarik Rahe Zahidon Ko
    Ke Mein Ap Ka Samna Chahta Hun

    mai mazdoor nahi k jannat ki khatir ibadat kron.
    mai to apka deedar krna chahta hon jo roz e alast ap nay krwaya....surah e alaraf(alastu bi rabbi kalu bala shahidnaa)
    kia mai tumhara rab hon. gawahi daytay hian ap hi rabb hian. gawahi dekh kr di jati hai mean hum nay rabb ko dekha hi to idhr dobara mulakaat k liyay jism mai bejha gaya.

  16. tere sawa karun kia pasand tere kainat mein
    dono jahan ki nematein keemt e bandgi nahien

  17. Lantrani here means to boast ya Tareefein
    Not the arabic meaning

  18. Lantrani hear means tareefien