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(Bal-e-Jibril-050) Har Shay Musafir, Har Cheez Rahi

Har Shay Musafir, Har Cheez Rahi
Kya Chand Tare, Kya Murg-o-Maahi

All life is voyaging, all life in motion,
Moon, stars, and creatures of air and ocean.

Tu Mard-e-Maidan, Tu Mir-e-Lashkar
Noori Huzoori Tere Sipahi

To you the champion, the lord of battle,
Bright angels offer their swords’ devotion—

Kuch Qadar Apni Tu Ne Na Jani
Ye Besawadi, Ye Kam Nigai !

But of that blindness, that caravan spirit!
Of your own greatness you have no notion.

Dunya-e-Doon Ki Kab Tak Ghulami
Ya Raahbi Kar Ya Padshahi

How long this bondage to darkness? Choose now:
A prince’s scepter,—a hermit’s potion.

Peer-e-Haram Ko Dekha Hai Mein Ne
Kirdar Be-Souz, Guftar Waahi

I know our priesthood, how faint in action,
In sermons pouring a languid lotion.

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