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(Bal-e-Jibril-051) Har Cheez Hai Mehew-e-Khud Numai

Har Cheez Hai Mehw-e-Khudnumai
Har Zarra Shaheed-e-Kibriyai

Every atom pants for glory: greed
Of self‐fruition earth’s whole creed!

Be-Zauq-e-Namood Zindagi, Mout
Tameer-e-Khudi Mein Hai Khudai

Life that thirsts for no flowering—death:
Self‐creation—a god-like deed;

Rayi Zor-e-Khudi Se Parbat
Parbat Zu’af-e-Khudi Se Rayi

Through self the mustard‐seed becomes
A hill: without, the hill a seed.

Taare Awara-o-Kam Maiz
Taqdeer-e-Wujood Hai Juddai

The stars wander and do not meet,
To all things severance is decreed;

Ye Pichle Peher Ka Zard-Ru Chehra
Be Raaz-o-Niaz-e-Ashnai

Pale is the moon of night’s last hour
No whispered things of friendship speed.

Teri Qandeel Hai Tera Dil
Tu Aap Hai Apni Roshanai

Own self is all the light you need;
Ek Tu Hai Ke Haq Hai Iss Jahan Mein
Baqi Hai Namood-e-Seemiyai

You are this world’s sole truth,
all else Illusion such as sorceries breed.

Hain Auqdah Kusha Ye Khaar-e-Sehra
Kam Kar Gila-e-Barhana Payi

These desert thorns prick many a doubt:
Do not complain if bare feet bleed.

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