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(Bal-e-Jibril-056) Na Ho Tughyan-e-Mushtaqi To Main Rehta Nahin Baqi

Na Ho Tughyan-e-Mushtaqi To Main Rehta Nahin Baqi
Ke Meri Zindagi Kya Hai, Yehi Tughyan-e-Mushtaqi

Devoid of passion’s roar I can exist no more:
What else can be this life but passion strong and strife?

Mujhe Fitrat Nawa Par Pe-Ba-Pe Majboor Karti Hai
Abhi Mehfil Mein Hai, Shaid Koi Dard Ashna Baqi

My essence endlessly Impels my minstrelsy:
Some may in throng be still, Who feels for others’ ill.

Woh Atish Aaj Bhi Tera Nasheman Phook Sakti Hai
Talab Sadiq Na Ho Teri To Phir Kya Shikwa-e-Saqi !

Love’s flame can still set fire to lodge and goods entire:
If thirst be not aflame, Wherefore the saki blame?

Na Kar Afrang Ka Andaza Iss Ki Tabnaki Se
Ke Bijli Ke Charaghon Se Hai Iss Jouhar Ki Barraqi

Your judgment of the West on glamour must not rest:
Its essence seems so bright by means of electric light.

Dilon Mein Walwale Afaaq Geeri Ke Nahin Uthte
Nigahon Mein Agar Paida Na Huwa Andaz-e-Afaqi

The thoughts of world conquest can never shape in breast,
If blessed not be your gaze with world‐wide wont and ways.

Khazan Mein Bhi Kab Aa Sakta Tha Main Sayyaad Ki Zad Mein
Meri Ghammaz  Thi Shakh-e-Nasheeman Ki Kam-Auraqi

I, even in winter drear, fell not in hunter’s snare:
My nest’s branches bare drew the hunter’s stare.

Ulat Jaen Gi Tadbeerain, Badal Jaen Gi Taqdeerain
Haqiqat Hai, Nahin Mere Takhayyul Ki Ye Khallaqi

Their plans shall end in smoke, Miscarry the destined stroke:
This fact with truth is fraught, No fiction of my thought.