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(Bal-e-Jibril-057) Fitrat Ko Kirad Ke Ru-Ba-Ru Kar

Fitrat Ko Khird Ke Ru-Ba-Ru Kar
Taskheer-e-Maqam-e-Rang-o-Bu Kar

Nature before your mind present,
Subdue this world of hue and scent.

Tu Apni Khudi Ko Kho Chukka Hai
Khoyi Huwi Shay Ki Justuju Kar

Of Selfhood you appear bereft,
To find the thing lost go on quest.

Taron Ki Faza Hai Baikarana
Tu Bhi Ye Maqam Arzu Kar

The stars do shine in boundless space,
Desire to get this lofty place.

Uryan Hain Tere Chaman Ki Hoorain
Chaak-e-Gul-o-Lala Ko Rafu Kar

Disrobed the houris of your mead,
 The rose and tulip darning need.

Be-Zauq Nahin Agarche Fitrat
Jo Uss Se Na Ho Saka, Woh Tu Kar !

Of urge, though Nature not deplete,
Yet where it fails you must complete.


  1. I think the last verse is missing here:

    بے ذوق نہيں اگرچہ فطرت
    جو اس سے نہ ہو سکا ، وہ تو کر!

    I was reading this along side on and found it there but not here.

  2. @Anonymous

    We really thank you for pointing a missing verse, It is added now, Please read it with English translation as well.

    Thanks Again...!!