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(Bal-e-Jibril-064) Hadsa Vo Jo Abhi Farda'ay Aflak Main Hai

Hadsa Woh Jo Abhi Parda-e-Aflak Mein Hai
Aks Uss Ka Mere Aaeena-e-Idraak Mein Hai

Events as yet folded in the scroll of Time
Reflect in the mirror of my perception.

Na Sitare Mein Hai, Ne Gardish-e-Aflak Mein Hai
Teri Taqdeer Mere Nala-e-Bebaak Mein Hai

Neither the planets, nor the spinning skies—
Only my bold song—can tell you your destiny.

Ya Meri Aah Mein Koi Sharar-e-Zinda Nahin
Ya Zara Nam Abhi Tere Khs-o-Khashak Mein Hai

Either my sighs are devoid of fire,
Or else your straw and thorns as yet retain some sap;

Kya Ajab Meri Nawa Haye Sehargahi Se
Zinda Ho Jaye Woh Atish Ke Teri Khak Mein Hai

Yet perchance my morning song
May quicken the fire that your dust contains—

Tor Dale Gi Yehi Khak Tilism-e-Shab-o-Roz
Gharche Uljhi Huwi Taqdeer Ke Paichaak Mein Hai

The dust that will break the spell of the passing time one day,
Though it is entangled in the skein of Fate as yet.

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