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(Bal-e-Jibril-065) Raha Na Halqa-e-Sufi Mein Soz-e-Mushtaqi

Raha Na Halqa-e-Sufi Mein Souz-e-Mushtaqi
Fasana Haye Karamaat Reh Gye Baqi

To Lover’s glowing fire and flame the mystic order has no claim:
They don’t discourse or talk of aught save wonders by their elders wrought.

Kharab Ko Shak-e-Sultan-O-Khanqah-e-Faqeer
Faghan Ke Takht-O-Musalla Kamal-e-Zarraqi

Alas! The throne as well as the mat, alike are full of guile and craft:
Both royal hall and Holy Shrine have lost their essence fine.

Kare Gi Dawar-e-Mehshar Ko Sharamsaar Ek Roz
Kitab-e-Sufi-O-Mullah Ki Sada Auraqi

The scrolls of Sufis and mullah may put them to shame on Judgment Day
Before the Throne of Judge Supreme for being empty in extreme.

Na Cheeni-O-Arabi Woh, Na Rumi-O-Shami
Sama Saka Na Do Alam Mein Mard-e-Afaqi

How can this world or next contain the man not bound to one domain?
The East or West is not his home, Not tied to Syrian Land or Rome.

Mai-e-Shabana Ki Masti To Ho Chuki, Lekin
Khatak Raha Hai Dilon Mein Karishma-e-Saqi

Intoxication due to nightly wine, No doubt, by now, is one decline,
But saki’s glance still pricks the heart, Like a swift and piercing dart.

Chaman Mein Talakh Nawayi Meri Gawara Kar
Ke Zehar Bhi Kabhi Karta Hai Kar-e-Taryaqi

My bitter notes with patience hark, That I utter in this park:
Bear it in mind that passion too oft can work like elixir true.

Aziz Tat Hai Mataa-e-Ameer-O-Sultan Se
Woh Shair Jis Mein Ho Bijli Ka Souz-O-Barraqi

More dear and precious song replete with lightning’s dazzling flash and heat
Than coffers full of yellow gold that mighty kings and chiefs do hold.

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