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(Bal-e-Jibril-066) Huwa Na Zor Se Uss Ke, Koi Gireban Chaak

Huwa Na Zor Se Uss Ke Koi Greban Chaak
Agarcha Maghribiyon  Ka Junoon Bhi Tha Chalaak

Intuition in the West was clever in its power,
But had not the plenitude for absolute abandon.

Mai-e-Yaqeen Se Zameer-e-Hayat Hai Pursouz
Naseeb-e-Madrasa Ya Rab Ye Aab-e-Atish Naak

The quintessence of life is the force of faith supreme—
It is a force denied to all our seats of learning.

Urooj-e-Adam-e-Khaki Ke Mutazir Hain Tamam
Ye Kehkashan, Ye Sitare, Ye Neelgoon Aflaak

The galaxies, the planets, the firmament, are all
Waiting for man’s rise, like a star in heaven.

Yehi Zamana-e-Hazir Ki Kainat Hai Kya
Damagh Roshan-o-Dil Teerah-o-Nigah Bebaak

Brains are bright and hearts are dark and eyes are bold,
Is this the sum and substance of what our age has gained?

Tu Be-Basar Ho To Ye Mana’ay Nigah Bhi Hai
Wagarna Aag Hai Momin, Jahan Khs-o-Khashak

The world is a haystack for the fire of the Muslim soul,
But if thou art eyeless, thou canst not find thy way.

Zamana Aqal Ko Samjha Huwa Hai Mashal-e-Rah
Kise Khabar Ke Junoon Bhi Hai Sahib-e-Idraak

To a multitude of men, reason is the guide,
They know not that frenzy has a wisdom of its own.

Jahan Tamam Hai Meeras Mard-e-Momin Ki
Mere Kalam Pe Hujjat Hai Nukta-e-Loulaak

The world entire is a legacy of the Man of Faith:
I say it on the authority of we would not have created it.

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