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(Bal-e-Jibril-076) Kho Na Ja Iss Sehar-o-Sham Mein Ae Sahib-e-Hosh !

Kho Na Ja Iss Sehar-o-Sham Mein Ae Sahib-e-Hosh!
Ek Jahan Aur Bhi Hai Jis Mein Na Farda Hai Na Dosh

In the maze of eve and morn, O man awake, do not be lost:
Another world there yet exists that has no future or the past.

Kis Ko Maaloom Hai Hungama-e-Farda Ka Maqam
Masjid-o-Maktab-o-Maikhana Hain Muddat Se Khamosh

None knows that tumult’s worth and price which hidden lies in future’s womb:
The mosque, the school and tavern too since long are silent like a tomb.

Main Ne Paya Hai Usse Ashk-e-Sehargahi Mein
Jis Dur-e-Naab Se Khali Hai Sadaf Ki Aagosh

In tears shed at early morn is found the gem unique and best,
The gem, whose like is never held, by mother shell within its breast.

Nayi Tehzeeb Takaluf Ke Sawa Kuch Bhi Nahin
Chehra Roshan Ho To Kya Hajat-e-Gluguna Farosh!

The Culture New is nothing else save glamour false and show, indeed:
If the face be fair and bright, rouge vendors aid it does not need.

Sahib-e-Saaz Ko Lazim Hai Ke Ghafil Na Rahe
Gahe Gahe Galat Aahang Bhi Hota Hai Sarosh

Much care and caution must he take, who sets the music of a song:
For oft the Voice Unseen inspires such airs as jarring are and wrong.

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