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(Bal-e-Jibril-077) Tha Jahan Madrasa-e-Sheri-o-Shahanshahi

Tha Jahan Madrasa-e-Sheri-o-Shehanshahi
Aaj Un Khanqahon Mein Hai Faqt Rubahi

The cloisters, once the rearing place of daring men and royal breed,
Alas! Now nothing else impart—To foxy ways they pay much heed.

Nazar Ayi Na Mujhe Qafla Salaron Mein
Woh Shabani Ke Hai Tamheed-e-Kaleem-Ullahi

The chiefs who lead the caravan train, of that virtue quite are blank,
Which is found in shepherd’s task and leads to Moses’ noble rank.

Lazzat-e-Naghma Kahan Murg-e-Khush Alhan Ke Liye
Aah, Iss Bagh Mein Karta Hai Nafas Kotahi

How can the birds with voices sweet the thrilling joy of song attain?
Alas! The birds in hostile mead cannot their breath for long sustain.

Aik Sar Masti-o-Hairat Hai Sarapa Tareek
Aik Sar Masti-o-Hairat Hai Tamam Agahi

One type of rapture and surprise is darkness deep and pitch complete;
The other rapture and surprise with love and knowledge is replete.

Sifat-e-Barq Chamakta Hai Mera Fikr-e-Buland
Ke Bhatakte Na Phirain Zulmat-e-Shab Mein Raahi

My thoughts sublime that soar aloft, like the flash of lightning, show the way;
Lest travellers in the dark of night should miss the track and go astray.

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