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(Bal-e-Jibril-094) Khudi Ki Jalwaton Mein Mustafai

Khudi Ki Jalwaton Mein Mustafai
Khudi Ki Khalwaton Mein Kibriyai

Selfhood in the world of men is prophethood;
Selfhood in solitude is godliness;

Khudi Ki Zad Mein Hai Sari Khudai!

The earth, the heavens, the great empyrean,
Are all within the range of selfhoodʹs power.


  1. No comments, for such greatness?

    But I am not sad. I am studying the path Iqbal is talking about. Even if I am the only follower of the Quran in this manner, I will never be discouraged, only encouraged.

  2. MASHALLAH One of the most powerful words he ever wrote!