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(Bal-e-Jibril-155) Napoleon Ke Mazar Par

Napolean Ke Mazar Par
At Napoleon’s Tomb

Raaz Hai, Raaz Hai Taqdeer-e-Jahan-e-Tag-o-Taaz
Josh-e-Kirdar Se Khl Jate Hain Taqdeer Ke Raaz

Strange, strange the fates that govern this world of stress and strain,
But in the fires of action fate’s mysteries are made plain.

Joshe-e-Kirdar Se Shamsheer-e-Sikandar Ka Tulu
Koh-e-Alwand Huwa Js Ki Harart Se Gudaz

The sword of Alexander rose sun‐like form that blaze
To make the peaks of Alwand run molten in its rays.

Josh-e-Kirdar Se Taimoor Ka Sail-e-Hamageer
Sail Ke Samne Kya Shay Hai Nashaib Aur Faraz

Action’s loud storm called Timur’s all‐conquering torrent down—
And what to such wild billows are fortune’s smile or frown?

Sifat-e-Jangah Mein Mardan-e-Khuda Ki Takbeer
Josh-e-Kirdar Se Banti Hai Khuda Ki Awaz

The prayers of God’s folk treading the battlefield’s red sod,
Forged in that flame of action become the voice of God!

Hai Magar Fursat-e-Kirdar Nasf Ya Do Nafs
Ewz-e-Yak Do Nafs Qabar Ki Shab Haye Daraz

But only a brief moment is granted to the brave—
One breath or two, whose wage is the long nights of the grave.

“Aqabat Manzil Ma Wadi-e-Khamoshan Ast
Haliya Galghala Dar Gunbad-e-Aflak Andaz”

Then silence at last the valley of silence is our goal,
Beneath this vault of heaven let our deeds’ echoes roll!

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